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Amazing Tips to Grow, Maintain and Style Your Beard

Beards have created a frenzy in modern fashion trends. Amazingly, to the extent that a month in the calendar has been set aside to create awareness on health issues, precisely cancer that causes hair loss. This campaign is marked by men letting their facial hair grow. It is around this time you will bump into an unusually large number of men with beards.

Well, beards are not just a 21st Century buzz, they trace from way back. In the ancient and classical world, the Semitic and Asian civilization committed great care to their beards in oiling and dressing them by using curling irons to manifest different patterns and ringlets.

In the modern day, social biologists have associated the beard with a man’s machismo, wisdom, social status, sexual prowess, and strength. This must be the probable reason that you are always turning heads in the alleys when you walk chin high with a full beard. But you have to be sure that you are turning heads for all the right reasons, not just a beard, but a great one. The following beard grooming tips will leave your beard looking better than Bradley Cooper’s.

Find the right time to let your beard grow

Facial hair has different rates of growth, that is why it is essential to make the hair grow evenly before you start trimming or shaping your beard. Additionally, growing your beard at the right time will spare you from tagging along with an unkempt look to important meetings. Do it when your schedule is clear of important corporate events. Also, you will need a goal that you will be working on in regards to how you want your beard to turn out.

How do you go about this? It is very simple, all you have to do is get a picture of a beard online. It might be of your favorite actor’s beard. After giving it about a fortnight or three weeks, depending on how fast its growth rate is, make an appointment with your barber. Why do you need your barber at this point? Your five o’clock shadow, by this I mean the stubble, can become itchy and uncomfortable. You will need to have it smoothed by doing a little trimming. Remember to keep it clean; you can always visit your store and get a nice beard wash or a shampoo.

Be conversant with your trimmer’s grading order

You need to have the perfect collection of beard trimming apparatus. The main reason as to why you need a beard trimmer is to take care of or get rid of stray hair. If you really love your beard, you will need to invest in a quality trimmer that gives you the ultimate performance. With that, you can be guaranteed to successfully achieve any look that you may desire.

Get rid of unwanted curls, get rid of stray hair and nourish your beard

When your beard is long grown, you might have a few problems with tight curls. You do not have to get extra about it by employing your trimmer. All you are required to do is just use your afro comb to comb it through. It is advisable that you do this after shower, use a towel to dry, apply beard oil then comb it and leave it from there to dry on its own. If you are having hair growing longer than the rest, you will need to comb it and use small scissors to level it.

Ensure that the beard oil you are using is providing nourishment to your facial hair, go for oils that are made of natural ingredients that will actually nourish your hair as opposed to the synthetic ones.

Style it using the right techniques

While shaving to style your beard, start higher o the jaw-line following it to the chin maintaining the curve. Following this line, you will end up with a perfect curve. Another trick is to always keep it combed, even if it means that you will have to find a portable comb.

There are some things that you should also avoid doing to your beard, like trying to get rid of grey hair and curls. A grey beard looks great. Getting rid of curls, on the other hand, will only leave your beard looking patchy. No one loves a patchy beard! If you want to have the best beard try using Bossman Brands. you’ll love the products!

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