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Who is Foyce Le Xuan? Jack Neo’s alleged “other girl” is now a super lucky 4D gambler and breast cancer survivor?

You may know Foyce Le Xuan from different points in her life. Some know her from her 2010 involvement with Jack Neo while others may know her from her career or the low points in her life. But who is Foyce Le Xuan?

First time in the spotlight

Even if she was already a singer and part of Jack Neo’s group called the Liang Jia Ban, she only gained notoriety when she accused Jack Neo of ming sexual advances on her in 2010, when she was only 19 years old. This came just as the director was struggling to deal with the revelations of his 22-year-old mistress Wendy Chong.

Read about her tell-all regarding the alleged affair she had with Jack Neo here, when it was published at the time.

She had filed a police report detailing the sexual advances that the director allegedly made towards her.

Jack Neo never confirmed that he made sexual advances and vehemently denied any involvement with women other than his wife and Wendy.

Later, Foyce, apologized to Jack Neo’s wife in the video below.

Read about the whole Jack Neo scandal that enthralled Singapore a few years ago.

Plastic surgery

Unlike other stars, Foyce is proud of the plastic surgery she had undergone, mostly due to the fact that it was part of life-saving measures after a car crash.

In 2011, reports said that Foyce was involved in a car crash. While other occupants of the car did not have apparent injuries, she had to undergo surgery to fix some problems with her face, which were not apparent immediately after the crash.

Reports said that she had to fix her fractured cheek. She also had screws and incisions in her jaw and eyelids because of her injuries.

Breast cancer

This was not the end of her medical troubles. In 2015, she had revealed that she was struggling with breast cancer, as it was a disease that ran through her family. She had initially revealed that she had the disease two years before, in 2013, but had kept up a happy facade during the time.

In a report to The New Paper, she said that a lot of the comments on social media were supportive of her, but she still fell into despair and depression.

She found out she had cancer just as she returned from Taiwan to Singapore. She had been training to become a better singer, but her plans were delayed when she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer during a checkup.

In 2013, she had undergone two operations on her right breast and another operation to remove uterine polyps that were responsible for bleeding.

She felt the lowest in her life during the breast cancer treatment she had, and would use a lot of makeup to make herself feel better about her appearance.

Super lucky streak

Now, Foyce is once again in the news thanks to her uncanny amount of luck with the 4D lottery. She has been posting photos of her winning tickets every week since May this year.

Read about Foyce’s lucky streak with the 4D here, and what people think she’s doing to win something every week.

Header image from What’s on Xiamen and Foyce Le Xuan’s Instagram account.

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