It’s time to surprise your mother with a quirky yet extremely practical gift this season. NaOClean Asia introduces a sanitiser bloom box for Mother’s Day so that she can enjoy flowers and stay safe this season.

Each bloom box comprises three bottles of 250ml NaOClean sanitisers and an array of flowers such as carnations and wild foliage. NaOClean Asia has partnered with local florist, Hands On Floral to bring together the NaOClean Bloom Box.

The NaOClean bloom box costs $150. Each bloom box purchase comes with free island-wide delivery so that you can share the joy with your mother even if you are not living with her.

If you place your orders before 6 May 2020, you will receive a 21% discount off one NaOClean bloom box and 27% discount off purchases of two NaOClean Bloom Boxes. Order here!

NaOClean Disinfectant Solution

NaOClean is a Korean brand of alcohol-free disinfectant solution which was established 30 years ago. It can be used to disinfect all surfaces and also be used as a hand sanitiser.

According to the Korea Testing & Research Institute, the solution is clinically proven to be effective in killing viruses harmful related to E.coli and H1N1 as well as the Salmonella bacteria.