Filmgarde Cineplexes has just launched their third cinema in Singapore at the newly revamped Century Square Mall in Tampines.

Highlights for the new cinema in the newly revamped mall at the East side of Singapore includes Asia’s first AuroMax Immersive 3D Sound Multiplex and Singapore’s first cinema with Family Seats.

In a first for Singapore and Asia, Filmgarde Cineplexes is working strategically with Singapore media company, Mediacorp and Barco, a visual and projection technology company, to debut what is touted as the next generation immersive sound technology, AuroMax, across all its cinema halls at Filmgarde Century Square.

The brand new AuroMax is said to be the format of choice for international cinematic use and supported by major and international organizations such as the National Organisation of Theatre Owners and the Digital Cinema Initiative, representing major exhibitors, Hollywood studios and the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers. As of June 2018, there are more than 600 theatres worldwide committed to the format, with more than 50 leading post-production studios and 120 international films released in Auro. Mediacorp’s Movie Mixing Studio is the first certified Auro3D and AuroMax mixing studio in Southeast Asia.

Cinema patrons will be delighted to know that Filmgarde will retain its regular ticket pricing (from S$8.50 to S$14.50) for all their AuroMax theatres at Century Square.

To encourage family bonding and more convenient visits for young families to the movies, Filmgarde Cineplexes will be introducing the first cinema ‘Family Seats’ in Singapore (from $28.50-$42). This is a Filmgarde exclusive design that allows for seating for up to two adults and two children. This make sense for the Century Square suburban mall location, given that it will be catering to the family and heartland crowd more.

There are some other changes in the pipeline as well at Filmgarde Cineplexes.  They overhauled and enhanced their website and introduced a bilingual cinema website to allow consumers to toggle the platform easily between English and Chinese. Along with the bilingual cinema website, Filmgarde Cineplexes’ brand new self-service ticketing kiosk will also sit on a bilingual platform. These kiosks allow for fast and effortless purchase of tickets via a wide range of payment platforms including Visa, Mastercard, PayWave, PayPass and NETS, in line with the national drive towards a cashless economy. For those who prefer a human touch, manned ticketing counters are still available.

Filmgarde Cineplexes also launched a new Mobile App, integrated with their membership and loyalty programme and the app is bilingual as well.

I was in Century Square on Wednesday to catch a screening of Jurassic World and the new cinema still smells of fresh paint. Everything is spanking new and the sound was great. The seats were wide and comfortable and ergonomically designed for comfort. Do go experience it now to be among the first in Singapore to experience the facilities!