Seriously what’s up with all these crazy food trends happening in Singapore? I see so many of my friends posting photos of salted egg yolk food, cute character meals, overly rich chocolate shakes and the many different types of Korean food! I am curious to find out for myself what’s up with these food craze, so I set out for what I call “Food Craze Trail” with some friends.

Korean Chicken

Since I started my Korean drama chase with Descendants of the Sun (DOTS), the craze got deeper and now I’ve got 5 different drama to catch every week! And Koreans LOVE their chicken, and this has started quite a craze in Singapore too. There’s the spicy Korean chicken wings, cheesy pull chicken and Korean BBQ Chicken too. We did some research and decided to start our Food Craze Trail at OPPA Chicken.

OPPA Chicken

This Flaming Yangnyum was fiery but leaves an aftertaste of tangy sweetness in your mouth, this will overwhelm your tastebuds but not so much that you can’t take another bite. For those who can’t take the spiciness, try pairing it with a glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola® like what we did to complement the food and refresh your taste buds!

OPPA Chicken is located at 274 South Bridge Road Singapore 058823, opens Mon-Sat 11am to 10pm.

Salted Egg Yolk Everything

First there was salted egg yolk fried fish skin, then salted egg yolk croissant and the fast food chain that served not-so-well-liked salted egg yolk chicken burger. To satisfy our salted egg yolk everything craze, we decided to head to a Zhi Char store and try our luck at ordering at least 2 dishes with salted egg yolk in it!

Woah! That’s a lot of salted egg yolk in a single meal! The person taking our order was giving us this weird look when we said that’s all for our order, two seafood dishes cooked with salted egg yolk. But hey! Nothing beats having the creamy salted egg yolk dish with a refreshing can of Coke zero®! Shiok ah!

This awesome Zhi Char stall is none other than Penang Seafood Restaurant, located near Aljunied MRT station. This place can get quite packed during dinner hours, so I’ll recommend you go earlier to avoid long waiting time.

Last but not least, this bowl of food has been appearing on my newsfeed far too often and I just had to go try it out myself.

Tempura Rice Bowl

I have always been a huge fan of Japanese food and will just walk into a Japanese restaurant whenever I run out of food ideas. Nothing will go wrong with a bowl of sashimi don. When I saw this bowl of awesomeness posted by a foodie friend, twice in a week, I knew this is going to be good.

Those perfectly fried tempura are simply divine! With just the right amount of batter and spice, this bowl of Kohaku Tendon is now my go-to lunch place when I’m at Suntec City. I like that the tempura is cooked upon order and the whole process is well planned and times, ensuring the bowl of tempura don is served hot. To complement the meal, I like to balance the taste of with an ice-cold Coke® Light.

Tempura Kohaku is located at Suntec City, Level 3 inside Eat at Seven.

This was my very first food trail with my friends, and it was quite an experience! I’m so going to plan a next one, perhaps we should go local and try get as much of our favorite local food into a day!

How many of the above food trend crazes have you tried before? Hope this gives you some inspiration for your next makan outing with your family and friends!

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Coca-Cola®. All opinions expressed are the writer’s own.