Magnum celebrates the arrival of its latest expertly crafted indulgence, Magnum Chocolate & Hazelnut Praliné, by presenting an immersive and interactive Magnum Pleasure Boulevard exclusively at ION Orchard this April.

For a limited period from Friday 20 April to Sunday 29 April 2018, guests at ION Orchard Level 1 Atrium will be invited to discover the Pleasure Boulevard experience and enjoy its latest ice cream indulgence, Magnum Chocolate & Hazelnut Praliné.

Step into each pop-up boutique to discover different sensorial pleasure experiences inspired by the decadent new ice cream:

Magnum Atelier

Visitors to the Magnum Atelier will be one of the first in Singapore to taste the new Magnum Chocolate & Hazelnut Praliné, a perfect balance of chocolate and hazelnut ice cream coated in cracking Belgian milk chocolate and crunchy caramelised hazelnuts.

The ice cream is fitted with a delightfully adorable sleeve, of which the design is up to your choosing! Pick from The Big Shot, The Diva, The Charmer and the Flapper which are all Instagram-worthy and cleverly help you prevent droplets of melting ice cream from getting onto your clothes!

Praliné Boutique

Inspired by the crunchy and perfectly caramelised hazelnuts in our new ice cream, visitors can double their pleasure at the hazelnut-inspired Praliné Boutique.

Every purchase made at the Magnum Atelier entitles you to a coupon to select a token from the decadent golden hazelnut tree housed within the boutique. Simply drop your token into the Magnum ice cream centrepiece for a chance to win indulgent Magnum prizes.

As pictured, prizes include a free ice cream at Magnum’s store in ION or a free Magnum notebook. The top prize is a staycation at Shangri-La Singapore!

Cocoa Galleria

At the Cocoa Galleria, Pleasure Seekers will be treated to an art gallery experience with a Magnum chocolate twist. Guests can discover an exclusive artwork which has been expertly created using Magnum chocolate dust.

Pleasure Studio

Step into the Pleasure Studio and be immersed in luxurious projections of pouring chocolate, falling hazelnuts and creamy ice cream swirls as you customise and capture your very own pleasure portrait.

Golden balloons are scattered all around to add to the glitz and glamour of the Boulevard, capture your Insta-worthy photos here!

Vanilla Cart

At this luxurious fine fragrance pop-up, guests will be able to experience the indulgent scents of classic Magnum pleasure: hazelnut, chocolate and vanilla.

You can even custom-make perfume scents that are presented in beautiful Magnum pouches and attached with a personalized card!

As you push the boundaries of pleasure and indulgence at the Magnum Pleasure Boulevard, remember to share your experiences using the hashtags #TakePleasureSeriously and #MagnumSG. What are you waiting for, make your way down now as the Pleasure Boulevard will only be up for a limited period of time!

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