Last Monday, Alvinology reported that repeat-offender Lee Cheng Yan’s Maserati has been seized and he is set to go before a court on November 24 (Friday) for grievously injuring a traffic enforcer on Bedok Reservoir Road.

Thanks to the bravery and quick thinking of Singaporean man named Yan Han, evidence was gathered through a video and they were able to chase down Lee.

While Lee is waiting for trial, media were able to catch up with his close family, in particular, a man who claims to be his father.

In a report in Lianhe Wanbao, Lee’s father expressed remorse over his son’s actions.

According to the report, Lee’s father said, “I want to express my apology to the victim and his family.”

He also reportedly very upset with his son’s actions.

Further interviews also revealed that Lee’s father would always pay for the son’s fines, as the son had been caught numerous times before–not only for injuring someone with the same Maserati, but also for modifying the vehicle move and beyond the allowed specifications in Singapore.

Who is Lee Cheng Yan’s father?

AsiaOne reports say that Lee’s father is a taxi driver, and he lives in a flat in Potong Pasir.

Now, the curious thing about this situation is:

How did Lee afford a Maserati when his father is a taxi driver?

According to interviews with company staff, one car still goes for at least $375,000. While this is a price cut, the same Maserati has been used by Lee since 2013, when the price was much higher.

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Images from Straits Times.