Another Star Awards means another funny set of photos from red carpet fashion roaster Dennis Lim. If you needed something to make you smile or make your Monday a little better, here are his latest images poking fun at our favourite celebrities’ fashion choices:

A bedazzled bib can spruce up any outfit– and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Who says you can’t be a Monga gangster and a Getai host at the same time?! Dennis should let people live their dreams.

Sometimes, Dennis would go a bit too far with his comparisons. Girl Scouts are innocent, you know?!

Morticia called, and she wants her curtains back. Still, the construction of that gown was at least very nice.

Some stars took twinning to a whole new level, and we’re not sure if this is something we can ride on.

Her hair looked gorgeous, but we think Dennis was right and there was just too much tulle in this outfit.

Hey, if a guy needs a little extra gigs on the side, we would never take it against him. He still looked like a good waiter.

Of course, some of them need a stylist. Or if they have one, they should fire them. Unless game show host realness was also a look they were trying to do.

So that’s what the bib was supposed to look like! Not half bad…Standing next to her, though, he may have been better off with leaving the jacket off.

Maybe she was going for a whole eclectic look. We know a couple of drag queens who would love to cop her outfit though.

This one warranted two posts because…well.

Well it does have the same effect?

That hemming is gorgeous, though!

That’s not the exact shower curtain though…

Check out the photos he’s been doing the past few years here and here. You can also see the original post below:

What do you think of this year’s Star Awards red carpet fashion? Let us know in the comments!

Header image from Dennis Lim’s Facebook account.