Here's why you should purchase a Fibit Versa today! - Alvinology

Here’s why you should purchase a Fibit Versa today!

Some of you may have read my recent post on the launch of the Fitbit Versa and wondered whether you should invest in the fitness device. Well, I tried the product for a week and explored most of its main features – read on to see how Fitbit Versa has helped me maintain a healthier and less sedentary lifestyle!

Workouts: Fitbit Coach

Like many of you out there, I’ve been through countless cycles of trying to commit to a daily workout schedule and failed – either due to forgetfulness or laziness. In comes Fitbit Coach – an app that comes with the Fitbit Versa!

Here's why you should purchase a Fibit Versa today! - Alvinology

Fitbit Coach is originally programmed with 3 workouts which include a 10-minutes abs workout and 7-minutes general workout. Once you have tried these workouts, Fitbit’s algorithm and system automatically calibrates a personalized workout according to your heart rate and exercise data. For example, my Fitbit Coach app now includes a 12-minutes personalized total body workout which I’ve happily progressed on to!

I personally love how the app regularly checks on the suitability of the workout for each user’s fitness level. After a certain number of exercises, you will be asked to rate the exercise move with either “too easy”, “just right” or “brutal” and this feedback helps the app generate more suitable workout moves and repetitions for you!

Here's why you should purchase a Fibit Versa today! - Alvinology

In general, I love this feature as I now have a “private coach” that sets designated fitness routines for me to do in short time periods (10-15 minutes of my day). The only thing that I am slightly dissatisfied with would be the lack of an audio jack on the watch which makes the audio feature inaccessible to people like me who prefer not to utilize Bluetooth-based earphones. However, this is not a huge concern as the watch still vibrates with a reminder whenever the timing is up for a move or routine, thus you can still exercise without the need to constantly glance at your wrist.

Tracking my daily life

Some features that I utilize include sleep tracking, steps tracking and water log.

Here's why you should purchase a Fibit Versa today! - Alvinology Here's why you should purchase a Fibit Versa today! - Alvinology

As someone who does not commit to a standard sleep schedule, I am intrigued by the sleep tracking feature which not just allows me to log the number of hours I rest each night but also provides detailed analysis on my sleeping patterns and habits. For example, the sleep analysis details helps me better plan my day as I am made aware of how rested I was the previous night.

As I am enjoying a long holiday period at the moment, this is also a good opportunity for me to commit to healthy sleeping hours (adults should most ideally have around 7-8 hours of sleep every night!). Syncing my watch with my phone’s Fitbit app lets me track my progress towards having 6 hours of sleep per night (a goal I had set for myself).

Here's why you should purchase a Fibit Versa today! - Alvinology

Steps tracking is a feature that I slowly grew to appreciate. I have found that the celebratory fireworks which appear on the screen whenever I hit my steps goal really act as a reminder to walk more throughout the day. I’ve come to realize that all it takes is making little conscious changes in my daily life – be it taking the stairs instead of the escalator in MRT stations or by walking to the mall to buy lunch instead of ordering food delivery. It is definitely gratifying to see the improved number of steps per day especially as the app features visuals that easily highlight your progress!

The water log is also a feature that I enjoy as I am guilty of forgetting to drink water (and only doing so when I’m thirsty) as I go about my day. By setting a water consumption goal, I am motivated to log my water consumption, keeping myself hydrated 24/7.

Bonus features

 The fact that the Fitbit Versa is waterproof (it can even be brought into pools up till a depth of 50m!) also makes it extremely convenient as I need not worry about damaging the device when showering or when I’m caught in the rain.

The watch also has an extremely lasting battery life, and I have only had to charge it once over the entire week although I was consistently syncing it to my phone app and using its features often. When charging, the watch also shows the exact percentage at which the battery is at which is a small but useful feature to me as I am always careful not to overcharge my devices (which spoils the battery over time).

Here's why you should purchase a Fibit Versa today! - Alvinology
A huge range of clock face designs can be found and customized on the Fitbit app (which syncs with your watch!)

The watch also features a range of available clock faces ranging from data-based to colourful designs and this is appealing to me as I can constantly change the design to suit my mood! I especially love the themes that display my heart rate, steps count as well as daily statistics (date, time and temperature of my surroundings) at the same time – the information can easily be gleaned at a glance!


I can certainly see the benefits that the watch has brought to my life! Most importantly, it makes me more conscious and aware of my lifestyle habits and I am reminded to take action to improve my fitness and maintain my health.

The watch will also be updated with female health tracking in the near future and this is definitely another feature that I am eager to explore!

In conclusion, I am of the opinion that this watch is a worthy investment for anyone who seeks to improve their health and fitness levels.



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