El Mero Mero offers a feisty fiesta of authentic Mexican flavours for World Gourmet Summit 2018

El Mero Mero, when translated into English, essentially means “top dog” – a Spanish term that is being used colloquially.

Well, diners are surely nodding their heads in approval to that after a taste of its specially curated World Gourmet Summit Masterchef Dining Delights menu.

If anything, El Mero Mero serves up a feisty fiesta of authentic Mexican flavours and here’s why.

El Mero Mero strikes a balance between light and intense flavours

Tuna Falso Tartar made with Watermelon, Mint, Olive Oil, Mayo Sauce and Capers.

Well, colour us excited when we learned that there was another side of Mexican cuisine. It isn’t all about strong and heavy flavours, which brings us to its appetite-stimulating starter – Tuna Falso Tartar.

Nothing short of refreshing, this appetiser took our tastebuds by surprise with an intriguing combination of fresh watermelon and sweet Mayo sauce (with a savoury tinge). While it did not taste like it was solely made up of tuna, we could taste a modicum of it and for that, it was just the right amount to whet our appetite.

Adobo Talla Fish served with Red Paprika, Adobo Dried Chilli, Rice & Salad.

Another dish that won our hearts for the night was the Adobo Talla Fish. The fresh-tasting fish took centrestage in this dish as it was not only beyond fresh, but also tender to its core. Further, there was an added layer of texture and bite to the fish with its charred yet delectable surface.

It also helped that the fish was well-complemented with a generous helping of piquant rice, making for a divine pairing in foodie haven.

A potpourri of robust flavours poised to pique your palate

Gordita de Hongos served with Mushrooms, Garlic, Onion, Corn Paste, Coriander and Reganona sauce. 

As we broke into the crispy surface of this Gordita de Hongos, our palates were pleasantly greeted by the slightly sweet and savoury taste of the sautéed mushrooms inside.

The explosion of contrasting flavours in this otherwise unassuming dish was truly a cheery and savoury surprise for us.

We certainly took delight with this dish as anyone including vegetarian foodies out there; can enjoy every bite of this meat-less dish. What’s there not to like about it?  

Pipian Verde (Chicken) served alongside Green Adobo from CDMX with Beans.

Made with green pumpkin seeds, the green sauce; otherwise known as “Pipian Verde” brought an unexpectedly earthy flavour to the entire dish.

The green dressing also lent an element of surprise and another dimension of umami flavour to the succulent and juicy chicken.

Pipian Verde (Chicken) served alongside Green Adobo from CDMX with Beans.

While the dressing is tantamount to the cherry on the cake, the course wouldn’t not have shone without it as it rounded up the overall taste of the dish on a savoury and unforgettable note.

Prawn Corn Soup.

If you are a soup lover, then you wouldn’t go wrong with this Prawn Corn Soup. This intense and full-bodied Prawn soup might come across as overwhelming but after a taste of it, we were proven wrong.

The medley of savoury and creamy flavours from the use of fresh corns, potatoes and carrots made for a harmonious unison such that we wanted more of this soul-satisfying soup.

It was imbued with the exquisite and umami taste of the prawns, which was further enhanced by the thick yet smooth consistency of the soup; all while packing a punch for our palates.

Any time you are looking to satiate your fix for Mexican cuisine, you know where to hit up now.

The World Gourmet Summit 2018 Masterchef Dining Delights with Tequila Ambassador Alba Aviles was available on 17 April 2018 and more information about it can be found here

El Mero Mero

30 Victoria Street,

#01-20 Chijmes,

Singapore 187996

Website: http://elmeromero.sg/

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Partner Restaurant One-off Gastronomic Specialties are running from 2 April to 29 April 2018; while Masterchef Dining Delights are running from 16 April to 21 April 2018.



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