Go #HealthyRed from April 5 with new McDonald's Red Rice Porridge - Alvinology

Go #HealthyRed from April 5 with new McDonald’s Red Rice Porridge

Are you someone who is often torn between savouring fast food and watching your diet? Well, McDonald’s is here to resolve that dilemma. Their latest innovation, McDonald’s Red Rice Porridge, promise an exciting balance between health and deliciousness!

Go #HealthyRed from April 5 with new McDonald's Red Rice Porridge - Alvinology

Red rice?!

Characterized by the unique ingredient of red rice, the porridge is both tasty and rich. Apart from that, ingredients that you can expect to taste include corn, sweet potato and shiitake mushrooms while the dish is enhanced with herbs like coriander.

For those who are unfamiliar with red rice, it is high in antioxidants (which give it its colour!) and potassium, which counters sodium. Red rice has also been proven to have 20% more zinc and iron than brown rice, which makes it an excellent choice of carbohydrate for McDonald’s new dish!

In bringing this porridge to their breakfast menu, McDonald’s hopes to support Singaporeans towards a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Less than 150 calories per serving

With less than 150 calories per serving, the Red Rice porridge has been accorded the Healthy Choice logo, endorsed by the Health Promotion Board. You can also be assured that there are no preservatives or MSG added into the porridge!

The porridge’s complex and full taste is instead made up of the nutritious ingredients within. What’s more, vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy this without compromising on their food restrictions!

This newest addition beautifully complements the existing healthy options on McDonald’s breakfast menu, such as the sunrise roll with wholewheat tortilla and wholegrain muffins.

So what are you waiting for, head down early for a hearty breakfast that will leave you satisfied and craving for more! The Red Rice Porridge hits all outlets starting 5 April.

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