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Being a #YoléTaster lets you have one free yogurt daily from Yolé delivered to your door!


Are you a fan of yoghurt? If you are, this may be the perfect job waiting for you! Starting from 26 March, Yolé will be giving 25 froyo fanatics the exclusive chance to be a #YoléTaster, where for a period of 6 months, each #YoléTaster will get to enjoy a complimentary daily serving of yogurt at any of Yolé’s 29 stores across Singapore. As a #YoléTaster, you will also get exclusive previews to the latest limited edition frozen desserts each month (and they will even be delivered to your doorstep!) for feedback.

How do I sign up?

To apply for this job, simply apply via the #YoléTasters job advertisements posted across key local job sites such as JobStreet, Indeed and FastJobs or visit this website to apply. Applicants will also stand a chance to win a free trip to Europe where they will be given a tour of Yolé’s innovation centres.

This initiative is in line with the company’s aim to understand customers’ preferences and to involve them in the manufacturing of new flavours of Yolé yoghurt.

Introduction of Yolé Ice Cream!

Apart from the job offer, Yolé is also taking this opportunity to introduce its latest innovation: fresh ice cream! The ice cream is set to be launched in stores in April. With fresh ingredients blended on the spot and the usage of a carpigani machine, the ice cream boasts of low calories and lower sugar content from the average ice cream.

For more information and updates on Yolé, visit their Facebook page or their website.




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