4 Ah Boys To Men actors express support for Eden Ang - Alvinology

4 Ah Boys To Men actors express support for Eden Ang

Two women have officially come forward to tell their own stories of Eden Ang as an alleged sexual predator, with Melissa Yeo adding her voice to the issue. Four Ah Boys to Men actors, however, are supporting the beleaguered YouTube creator.

While he has this case to face (as both him and Lilith, the girl featured in Kuroe Kun’s post that started it all have filed police reports), some voices are loud in their support for him.

Take a look at who they are and what they’ve said in the defence of Eden.

Read how the Eden Ang sexual harassment allegations started.

Noah Yap

Convicted drug user Noah Yap has also addressed the accusations Kuroe made against the police. He is a YouTube creator like Eden and has starred in the latter’s channel.

He is also a part of Ah Boys to Men and a lance-corporal in the Singapore Defence Force. In 2016, he was tried and found guilty of using marijuana in a military court which lead to him being imprisoned for nine months.

While he didn’t specifically mention Eden or use the hashtag that Charlie and Maxi started, he did comment on the Singapore Police Force’s post with, “Well Well Well.”

Read the statement of the Singapore police here.

4 Ah Boys To Men actors express support for Eden Ang - Alvinology


Charlie Goh

A mainstay of the show Tanglin, he has been on Eden’s YouTube channel several times. You can see here how they went to Hong Kong Disneyland together with other stars from the drama.

He posted on his Instagram for Eden, “my brother in Christ,” to stay strong.

Naturally, Instagram users were quick to comment on his support despite the Eden Ang sexual harassment allegations. Take a look at this argument between Charlie Goh and a user who has since deleted the account:

4 Ah Boys To Men actors express support for Eden Ang - Alvinology

4 Ah Boys To Men actors express support for Eden Ang - Alvinology

Charlie took issue with the account’s status, as something without a picture and newly-made. He also said that he will stand by Eden even if the latter is proven guilty. But until then, he hopes that people stop judging him and damaging Eden’s reputation. He also said that a police report has not been filed as of this time and it would be best for everyone that this was done.

He also clarified at the start of his statement that sexual harassment is not acceptable and that anyone who perpetrates it should be punished.

What did Lilith (the 18-year-old personal assistant who was allegedly harassed by Eden) have to say?

Maxi Lim

Another Ah Boys to Men actor, Maxi Lim is known for his role as Wayang Kim. Here is what he’s said in his defence of Eden. Or is it in mockery of the latter’s detractors? You decide:

Who the fools he was referring to in this photo he posted on January 29 are not stated. He also used the hashtag #StayStrongEden, which Charlie Goh used as well.

Joshua Tan

Another Ah Boys to Men actor, Joshua has appeared in local films as Ken Chow. While he didn’t mention Eden’s issues, he did support the statement from the Singapore Police that refuted Kuroe’s claim that they turned her and Lilith away when they reported what happened.

4 Ah Boys To Men actors express support for Eden Ang - Alvinology

He said that people should responsible about what they say online and to check sources. He also asked people to be kind. He urged people to know the full story before commenting or supporting a cause.

Lyon Sim

Another celebrity who addressed the issue, Lyon Sim is a Chinese actor and director who has starred in numerous films here and abroad. He has appeared in Western films.

While not an Ah Boys to Men actor, Lyon Sim also used the hashtag #StayStrongEden on his Instagram account here:

While he did not mention anything else, he told people to “taste your words before you spit them out.”

According to his Instagram account, he worked with Eden on the latter’s current YouTube series, D stands for Decoy.

Read about Melissa Yeo and her story about Eden Ang.

What do you think of these guys’ support for Eden? Let us know in the comments!

Our interview with Lilith, the girl who experienced the alleged sexual harassment, talks about her career as a makeup artist.





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