The Pokémon Run Carnival is back for a second year in 2018 after a successful first year in 2017. I did not participate in the run last year, but I completed the 2018 5km fun run yesterday with my son, Asher.

Asher with his run medal

The starting line was at the Marina Barrage where the bulk of the activities were centred around, including the festival booths, games, stage performances and Pikachu parade.

Asher and I posing with a giant Pikachu

Asher and I posing with a giant Pikachu

Pokemon Tretta video game at the event

Pokemon Tretta video game at the event

I am used to running in the Marina Bay and Marina Barrage area as my office is nearby and I sometime go for evening jogs after work. I will usually run with two smartphones in my hands, to catch Pokemon on the Pokemon Go app plus “walk Pokemon eggs” with two accounts (one for my own account and one for Asher’s account). There are lots of Pokestops littered along the running path, not to mention a couple of Pokemon gyms as well as spawning of rare Pokemons. In short, the area is a perfect spot for Pokemon Go players to run and catch Pokemons at the same time.

However, there is a catch – you can’t help but feel that other runners are looking at you and judging you when you are running and catching Pokemons on two smartphones at the same time!

Enter the Pokemon Run Carnival 2018 – here’s an event which you can totally do all the Pokemon stuff you want while running. No one is going to judge you because everyone is doing the same thing!

Kids running after giant Pokeballs

Asher is a big Pokemon and Pikachu fan and he was given a big Christmas surprise late last year by a surprise visit from a Christmas Pikachu to deliver his Pokemon Run pack:

The actual event was just as fun for him. This is Asher’s second attempt at a 5km run. The first was for the Color Run 2017 and he improved markably this time round. He managed to run most part of the 5km and walked for a shorter distance this time round. The various Pokemon zones like the “Fire Zone”, “Water Zone”, “Electric Zone” and “Grass Zone” were particularly useful in motivating him to keep pace. He will gather speed whenever we are approach one of these zones so he could participate in the activities there.

Electric Zone

There are also plenty of Pokemon cardboard photo opportunities littered along the way which will get Asher excited, along with “Guess which Pokemon” quiz boards.

Asher posing with water Pokemons

Asher posing with water Pokemons

The second Pokemon Run Carnival started from 2pm yesterday with the first flag-off starting at 4pm. This is really a fun run for family and friends to gather and enjoy the outdoor. Most of the participants walk throughout the full route, so if you are a serious runner, be aware that you will have to dodge lots of walkers along the way.

The event is organised by Avex Asia and Infinitus Productions. Said Fujita Kazumi, General Manager of Avex Asia; “For many years now, Pokémon have had a special place in the hearts of many people, and we’re honoured to be able to provide a platform for everyone to come together and enjoy themselves, and share in the Pokémon experience.”

A crowd of over 3,000 runners and spectators attended the event this year which ended with a Pikachu parade and dance to the delight of everyone:

Pikachus marching to the lady’s whistle

Cute beyond words

Super kawaii right?

Asher and I will definitely be participating again for the next Pokemon Run Carnival. Do join us next year too if you missed out this year! 🙂