Who is Elle Darby? Alvinology looks at the spurned influencer who asked for a freebie from White Moose Cafe and Charleville Lodge - Alvinology

Who is Elle Darby? Alvinology looks at the spurned influencer who asked for a freebie from White Moose Cafe and Charleville Lodge

Singaporeans are no strangers to bloggers behaving badly, and Elle Darby could easily fit into the Singaporean blogging scene without missing a beat.

Eleanor Jane Darby is a 22-year-old woman living in Somerset, Bath.

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She’s been around “influencing” for a while, with the standard Kim Kardashian-esque look, fashion and makeup that can be found on her YouTube and Instagram feed. She calls herself a “Beauty, Lifestyle and Fitness YouTuber.

Elle has a large following of 97,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and roughly the same number of followers on Instagram.

What’s she famous for?

Elle has a beautiful feed on both her Instagram account and her YouTube channel. Her collar palette of neutral greys, white and millennial pink is nothing short of aspirational.

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But that’s not what she’s known for.

Thanks to a PR coup that could have P.T. Barnum whistling in admiration, she is now the face of the entitled influencer, after Paul Stenson published her email requesting for a free stay in his hotel, the Charleville Lodge.

In the email, Elle was asking for a hotel stay in exchange for videos and social media posts for his hotel.

Stenson, who was not impressed and even offended by the request, started what is now dubbed #Bloggergate, where bloggers who request for free stays or such in exchange for content published to their following are not tolerated.

The latest update on this issue is that Stenson has told bloggers that they are all banned from entering his hotel.

While Stenson did not specifically show her name on his post, Elle responded with a 17-minute video on her channel, effectively outing herself as the person in the email below:

And here is Elle’s response (notice that the post did not target her at all and that she outed herself.

She has a boyfriend who is seen on her videos and Instagram feed. She was requesting lodging for her and her boyfriend in her email to Stenson.

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Without #Bloggergate, who is she?

When you look at her feed, she is most proud of her physical transformation before she became an influencer. She’s is into fitness and exercising at the gym, and she constantly flaunts her gains and figure on her posts.

She’s also had some plastic surgery, the most prominent one on her feed is that she had her lazy eye corrected.

According to the post below, she has worked in a pub. She has also worked as a waitress, a business executive and several other jobs before settling on blogging.

She has four other siblings, with two of them being twins. She said she dropped out of university and went into drama school instead.

She is a self-confessed Harry Potter addict as well.

As of publishing, she has made another update on her #Bloggergate issue here with this video, urging people to move on and at the same time telling people that she did not embarrass herself but was actually notified of the existence of her email online.

Take a look below:

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Header image from Elle Darby YouTube account.


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