Blogging is about making your voice heard and expressing yourself online in long format, right? It’s not supposed to be about freebies, right?

While has been witness to some of the worst behaviour of Singapore bloggers, the country doesn’t have the monopoly on questionable (but not criminal) behaviour.

Take note that this behaviour has been going on ever since blogging started out.

The background

A personality in the Philippines’ blogging scene posted a reminder to bloggers on his Facebook account, telling them to please refrain from bringing food containers to events and taking home food.

Lots of commenters chimed in, agreeing and making conjecture on who the post could be about. After a while, a woman confronted everyone claiming that the person in the post was her mom, and clarified that her mother got permission from Public Relations officers to take home food from the event.

A while later, once more comments popped up, the mother in question answered, and said that she should not apologize for something that “is not a crime.”

Sure, no one’s going to put her in jail for taking home food from a Marriott Hotel event, but does she want to be known for being so tacky?

The next comments all showed how the blogger in question may not have the monopoly on bad behaviour, she could sure win a BINGO card on things bloggers should NOT DO:

Take home food from events.

Don’t even think of bringing Tupperware or food containers. The blogger said she did bring home food, but did not come to the event ready with containers. A Public Relations person called her out, though, and said she was notorious for this behaviour.

Order more food if there’s food already served.

The blogger who spoke up about bringing home food may be guilty of this too. According to a separate Public Relations person, she asks for the menu at restaurant events and orders more from the menu, and the team can just watch and promise to pay the restaurant.

Arrive drunk or intoxicated at an event.

Again, we have an anecdote from Public Relations team members who’ve encountered her over the years. She allegedly left an event she gatecrashed drunk with a man in tow.

Demand tokens or gifts for yourself and your companion.

She demanded “tokens” from the event for herself and her +1, saying she would blog about the event anyway.

Leave the event early.

She didn’t just arrive early, she allegedly came back drunk! You’ve been invited, the least you could do is politely cover the event so you can give an honest impression of the product, service or launch.


If you aren’t invited, then you simply shouldn’t attend, right? Miss Blogger probably thinks she’s automatically invited to all events and the brands should be thankful.

Engage in arguments on social media.

While we may be all guilty of this at one point or another, bloggers have their reputation to think about. Any discussion could be made in person or through private messaging.

Keep talking when your lawyer says to stop.

Shouldn’t this be the kind of advice that everyone takes?

Out yourself on blind items

If you weren’t mentioned in the post, then you probably weren’t the person they were talking about. Don’t be triggered into reacting.

Demand payment for any blog post on the spot.

Sure, brands and companies can pay for a guest post or for you to blog about them, but it’s considered good manners to not demand it of them, especially if they invited you to their event. It’s up to you as a blogger if you want to write about them or not.

Who doesn’t envy the life of a blogger? They get to attend events, are gifted merchandise, and are able to try new attractions all for free! Right?

Read about blogger freebie entitlement here.

While that is the idea, being a blogger carries more responsibility that you think. Brands and clients see you as a legitimate spokesperson who may help them deliver their message to a wider audience. Your readers trust in your voice and look up to you for advice, lifestyle choices and even entertainment!

But not all bloggers are aware of their responsibility. Make sure you don’t make these mistakes and find yourself uninvited or the talk of the town–in a bad way!

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