Bloggers do not ask for freebies, the “freebies” come our way.

In any case, most people only see the glamorous part, but do not recognise the tremendous time and effort required to maintain a blog with substantial traffic and social media following in the long run.

If you just keep writing to get freebies, I guarantee you your traffic will never go far.

I started blogging in 2007, not to get freebies, but as an outlet for me to express my opinions and also to test-bed online content since my day job is in digital marketing. The benefits that came along were byproducts.

Blogging is just a hobby for me. I have a day-job that pays comfortably and I do not rely on blogging to feed my family.

Nonetheless, I take pride in what I post. A lot of hard work goes behind the blog posts – the photos, videos, editing and packaging everything in the best way for readers.

I have many friends who blog because they enjoy blogging, not because of freebies. It is an insult when we get grouped together with the like of this lady call Janice Leong (Janiqueel), whom I am about to introduce to everyone.

Here is an exchange between Janice and a Conrad Chua whom she approached to get sponsorship for free haircuts:

Rude and shameless.

I am not mincing my words.

She totally deserve this reply from Conrad:

She is the one who wrote in to the salon to ask for a sponsorship and here she is threatening to harm them commercially?

Her blog has since been deleted, but her Linkedin and Instagram profiles are still accessible.

Janice Leong (Janiqueel) thinks she is very famous (or wants to be famous), so I am helping her with it. Enjoy the fame.

She had made it to Taiwanese news and will be making more media appearances locally and internationally:

(The above picture is fake btw, but I have no doubt she will get there soon)

Ironically, I believe no one will remember about this incident a few months later. Janice on the other hand, will benefit from all the free publicity and become another “famous” lifestyle blogger, living the life she wanted with tonnes of freebies.

This is blogging in Singapore.

Tweet me @alvinologist with suggestion on what freebies you would like as a blogger. Use the hash tag, #WhereMyFreebies – eg. I am Alvinology and I blog about NS. SAF should give me discount for my reservist. #WhereMyFreebies

Here’s another blogger who could give Janice a run for her money.