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Why you should not join dodgy MLM companies

James Phang  (picture via Asiaone)
James Phang (picture via asiaone)

Well, other than having to profiteer from your friends, relatives and loved ones; getting yourself brainwashed; hero-worshipping your up-lines like your Father/God (see quotation above); you can now also add starring in cheesy motivational videos into the list.

Without targetting any specific multi-level-marketing (MLM) company in Singapore, here are three videos I found on youtube. Coincidentally, all of them are made by MLM companies related to a very notorious name in MLM, James Phang.

This first video is a cheesy publicity music video, probably targeted at young, gullible teenagers. Take note of the airy, “inspirational” lyrics:

The second video is probably used for recruitment – as evidence that you can earn big bucks and drive luxurious cars if you work hard enough like your up-lines:

The last video has been modified by the person who posted the video to include an appeal to report to the police on the whereabouts of the three “stars” in the video 🙂 :

How? After watching all three videos, are you turned off by MLM forever? Or did the videos convince you so much that you can’t wait to enter into MLM now?

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