Lim Kwong Fei is the man accused of running down several pedestrians with his Mercedes Benz last December 7, Thursday in Singapore. The incident happened in front of the Amara Hotel on Tanjong Pagar Road at 6:30pm in the evening.

But who is Lim Kwong Fei?

According to reports, Lim is 41 years old and works as an insurance agent. He is also known as Lin Guanghui. He was listed as an agent for Great Eastern Life Insurance and was also one of their top achievers this year.

However, if you look at the bottom of the image, Great Eastern has mentioned that he is also no longer part of the company.

Still, he was listed as a top manager in the firm.

He raised funds for sick Singaporeans

According to Compassion Support Scheme, Lim was able to raise more than S$700 for the beneficiaries of the said fund.

The Compassion Support Scheme website said that it was set up by Kampung Senang to help residents, in particular those in desperate financial and emotional need.

Why did he plow down all those people with his car?

Reports say that Lim was drunk when his Mercedes Benz hit his victims.

He was reported to be driving against traffic and eventually hit a lorry, mounted the centre divider and hit a taxi. He hired a dui lawyer and the prosecution has asked for a 6 week adjournment to gather more evidence on the medical situations of his victims.

He will appear in court on January 18.

Source: TODAY

Who got hurt in the incident?

Reports say that four people have been taken to the hospital following Lim’s drunk driving.

One 23-year-old Singaporean woman as suffered lacerations and abrasions from the incident. Her father, who is 56, is in the ICU because his brain is bleeding. She has been identified as Merlyn Lim while her father’s name is Lim Yew Beng.

One victim who is suffering from a spinal cord injury is a 40-year-old Australian. He is named Martin Guillian Noel Faron.

Another man named Naylin Tun, who is 29 years old, had his nose broken.

What was Lim like during the trial?

According to reports, Lim bowed his head during the trial. Lim, who was offered bail at S$15,000, said that he will engage the services of a lawyer and does not know if he will plead guilty.

Channel News Asia said that he was arrested at the scene and that he spent a night in jail.

New rules have been put in place regarding drunk driving.

Drunk driving could put Lim in jail for up to six months or fined S$1,000 to S$5,000.

For a second or subsequent conviction, drunk drivers face up to 12 months’ jail and a fine of S$3,000 to S$10,000.

According to Channel News asia, “Drunk drivers who damage property or injure someone should expect to serve time in jail, except in an exceptional category of cases, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon had said.”

How much time spent in jail will depend on how serious the injury, how much alcohol the driver had tested for and how dangerously he was operating the vehicle.

Header photo from Liane Zhaobao