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Top Bloggers and Blog Sites in Malaysia

Top Bloggers and Blog Sites in Malaysia

What does the Malaysian blogosphere look like? If you want to know just what Malaysians are looking at online (aside from porn and Korean drama shows just like everyone else), then take a look at our list.

To get this list, we took a look at the top Malaysian sites on Alexa then compared their monthly traffic. While this list may change quite quickly, this gives a fairly good idea of what Malaysians like to read on their mobiles.

Kompasiana (31 million views)

A media website that allows blog posts from anyone and anywhere in Malaysia, as long as it’s relevant.

Alodokter (20 million views)

This is the best Malaysian-language website for medical information, you’ll find blog posts about health, a symptom checker and advice from actual doctors.

Malaysiakini (12.3 million views)

A news and blog site that deals more with Malaysian politics.

Moretify (5 million views)

A Chinese-language site on Malaysian celebrities and their drama and antics.

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Mysumber (4 million views)

Another blog site that deals with gossip, politics and anything in Malaysia.

Paul Tan (3 million views)

Malaysians love their automobiles! Actually, anyone would benefit from looking up car news, tips, hacks and important information on cars thanks to Paul Tan.

Beautiful Nara (2.9 million views)

If you want to know about gossip, celebrities and beauty products, this is the Malaysian site to read.


Gecko and Fly (2 million views)

Somehow, this blog was able to put together a blog that made tech, beautiful quotes and antivirus software a hit with Malaysians. Protect your PC and get your daily IG post too!

Malaysian Digest (900,000 views)

Another independent media and blog site, you’ll find that Malaysians really love their news.

Soyacincau (800,000 views)

Another tech blog that deals mostly with mobile phones and tablets, this one has around 800,000 views. (300,000 views)

A blog about celebrity gossip, film, music, video and theater written by prolific digital professional Budiey Isma.

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Tommy Ooi (215,000 views)

A travel blog that’s filled with useful reviews for dining, hotels and even airlines.

My Women Stuff (206,000 views)

This website by Paris B is the premiere beauty blog in Malaysia, but is less aesthetically pleasing than usual It-girls’ blogs.

Ammboi (205,000 views)

This website in Malaysian language deals mostly with gossip, citizen news and technology.

KC Lau (180,000 views)

KC Lau is the blog for financial education in Malaysia. KC Lau is an aeronautical engineer who wants to educate Malaysians about earning more money and making that money grow. (180,000 views)

A Malaysian It-girl, Chan has travel, fashion, beauty and photography as hallmarks of her visually-appealing blog.

beautyholics anonymous (134,000 views)

Another beauty blog, Malaysians go to Tine for advice on beauty, mom-hood and the best products to use.

Ken hunts food (123,000 views)

A Penang native on his way to eating street food everywhere in Malaysia!


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Nisa Kay (111,000 views)

While more popular on her social media account, Nisa Kay is a muslim beauty with lots of beautiful posts on fashion, love advice, and beauty. She also loves her photoshoots.


One thing noticeable about Malaysian blog sites is that they like using mobile apps to reach their readers. Do you think this should be a trend with other countries? Let us know in the comments!

Here are the top blogs and blog sites in Singapore.

Want to know which ones are at the top in the Philippines? Check this out.

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