Just who are the top bloggers and blog sites in Singapore?

Some other site recently published a list using data from alexa.com for comparisons, but the results are somewhat strange. I personally dislike using Alexa due to its reliance on data coming through the Alexa Toolbar on Firefox.

Firefox. Who uses Firefox nowadays? And how many people love installing punky toolbars on their web browsers?

I prefer using similarweb.com. SimilarWeb don’t rely on any single source of data and should be way more robust and accurate.

Here’s a quick list of top bloggers in Singapore, according to SimilarWeb:

Update 3.30pm 22/4/2015 : After publishing the initial list, TheSmartLocal contacted us with their Google Analytic verified traffic on similarweb, which now puts them firmly at the top position.

Update 8.29am 23/4/2015: Danielfooddiary contacted us with their Google Analytic verified traffic on similarweb which now puts them firmly as the number 2 food blogger, pushing Seth Lui down. Also added another two food blogs, Johor Kaki and Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow at number 16. Added .sg and .com traffic for Xiaxue. 

1. The Smart Local – 1.9m

Featuring a mix of useful, shareable content on the best deals and most interesting sites in Singapore, The Smart Local is a treasure trove to find things to do. No wonder they are the top.


2. Ladyironchef – 690k

Singaporeans love food. No surprise that the number 2 spot in Singapore is taken by a food site, packed full of listicles and guides on where to get the best eats.

3. Danielfooddiary – 651k

The second food blog from the top. What’s unique about this site is that Daniel do not do food tasting, paying for all his own meals. He also has a strict guideline on not flooding his site with too much advertorials and advocate health and fitness on top of just enjoying good food.

4. Seth Lui – 453k

The third food blog from the top. Seth Lui is a relatively new entrant to the top list and is moving up the ranks rapidly, showing that Singaporeans really love food and will reward well-written food content.

5. Alvinology – 412k

This blog. 🙂

6. Moneysmart.sg – 390k

Tips on saving money, managing your investments and other financial related news, made simple for the average Singaporeans.

7. Parka – 360k

Cartoonist and artist, Parka has a strong international audience of art lovers.

8. Xiaxue – 295k (added .sg and .com)

The long time blogging queen of Singapore. She can easily push up her blog traffic to the top of the list by creating a big media storm over some controversial issues if she wants to.

9. Mr Brown – 170k

The grandfather of blogging in Singapore, Mr Brown needs no further introduction.

9. Dr Leslie Tay – 170k

Published author of various books on the Singapore food scene, Dr Leslie Tay is a regular on TV shows and radio stations.

10. Salary.sg – 140k

Best known for their salary calculators and comparison apps, Salary.sg is a fun site to visit for useful tips and news on salary-related issues.

11. QiuQiu – 130k

The perk of being Xiaxue’s BFF, Qiuting has her own pool of strong followers from her candid and brash blogging style.

12. Tammy Tay – 120k

One of the pretty female bloggers signed to Gushcloud and the highest ranked in this list, excluding food blogger Seth Lui.

13. Vivawomen – 110k

Beauty blog focused on organic skincare and holistic beauty.

14. Asia361.com – 107k

Haven’t heard of this site before? That’s because it’s only two months old! Asia 361 is an affiliate site of Alvinology.com and covers lifestyle, travel and entertainment content around Asia. The team is working hard to push the traffic. Not bad for a relatively new site.

15. Working with Grace – 95k

Blogging coach and published author of the book, “Blogging for a Living”, Grace walks the talk and has a respectable following for her blog to earn her a place among the top bloggers.

15. Limpeh FT – 95k

Alex resides in London and took up citizenship there. His heart is still with Singapore though and he regularly blogs about social and political issues happening here. He also contributes travel stories to Alvinology.com.

16. Miss Tam Chiak – 90k

Another food blogger, Maureen has since moved to cover travel, lifestyle and other topics as well.

17. Passportchop – 80k

A travel-focused blog helmed by a globetrotting couple.

18. Superadrianme – 75k

Quite possibly the most hardworking team in this whole list, writers from Superadrianme can be spotted at just about any events in Singapore or even globally. They have a strong content base for luxury and travel.

18. Aspirantsg – 75k

Lifestyle and motivational blog, covering a wide variety of topics.

18. Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow – 75k

Another food blogger. How many of them already? 🙂 Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow is a community-based food blog with a mix of writers from all walks of life.

19. Rachel Wong – 70k

The controversial blogger who is allegedly caught in the middle of the Xiaxue vs Gushcloud scandal. She has since switched management from Gushcloud to their rival, Nuffnang.

20.  Naomi Neo – 65k

One of the young up-and-coming pretty girl bloggers. It helps that her boyfriend is youtuber Tan Jianhao who produced a lot of viral videos.

21. Techie Lobang – 60k

Tech blog helmed by ex-journalists.

22. Mitsueki – 50k

Prolific lifestyle and local news blogger who is always quick to zero in on trending topics.

23. Lester Chan – 49k

Tech blogger who is also a wordpress expert in Singapore.

24. Sophie Willocq – 45k

Another of Xiaxue’s BFF, her blog is mostly beauty and lifestyle related.

24. Andrea Chong – 45k

Lifestyle and travel blogger.

25. Cheekiemonkie – 40k

The only parenting-focused blogger to make it to the top 20 list. This reflects on the dipping birthrates in Singapore.

25. Johor Kaki – 40k

Singapore food based focused on (but not limited to) food reviews in Johor.

25. Camemberu – 40k

The last food blog to make the list. Catherine Ling also writes for Yahoo! News and Makansutra, likely saving her best articles for her paid assignments.

25. Yan Kay Kay – 40k

Xiaxue’s best friend turned nemesis.