Ever wonder what people in the Philippines are crazy about? Or about who to follow or talk to in the tropical peninsula? Here are the top blogs and sites made by locals for the world to consume!

Panlasang Pinoy (4 million views)

Panlasang Pinoy is the top site for Filipino food and apparently of the country! Anthony Bourdain did say that Filipino food is the next big thing, and this is where anyone can start! You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy this site as it has almost every Filipino dish there is out there. You’ll find Filipino versions of worldwide favorites such as spaghetti, lasagna and even porkchops! Spend hours browsing through the recipes or searching for that specific dish like its 3.98 million other visitors each month.


Buhay OFW (3.6 million views)

What could be more Pinoy than an OFW? tThis site gets 3.6 million hits a month, exemplifying the ubiquitous Filipino toiling away in another country to provide for their family. This site is an important resource for overseas Filipino workers and their families. You’ll find resources on money, legal matters, employment and a ton of other posts to help the most common kind of Filipino you find abroad.


YugaTech (2.7 million views)

What started as Abe Olandres’ blog about technology is now a 2.7 million-views-per-month site that dishes out real advice, important updates and inisder information on all things tech. It’s the go-to site for Filipinos looking for up-and-coming phones, gadgets and tech events.

Pinoy Trending (2.36 million views)

Philippine politics is hot right now, and some sites could be fake news or disguised propaganda. Whatever you think Pinoy Trending is, it rakes in millions of views!

When in Manila (2 million views)

If you want to know everything that’s happening in the Philippine capital, this is the site to go to. When in Manila’s 2 million views every month shows that their readers know where to go to for Manila’s latest events, restaurants, shopping hotspots and the talk-of-the-town.

Spot.ph (1.7 million views)

With 1.7 million views a month, Spot.ph is one of the best sites to visit to get the pulse of the Philippines. Here you’ll get an insider’s view of the country and what’s happening in the cities right now. You’ll find lists of the best restaurants, attractions and even the latest issues plaguing the Philippine population.


Pinoy Techno Blog (1.6 million views)

When you live in the country with the highest social media use, tech dominates the blogosphere! Another tech blog with more articles on computers, mobile phones and everything electronic. The best part is that they have a pricelist for the products they review!

Fashion Pulis (1.2 million views)

What hasn’t happened to this website? They’ve exposed affairs, dirty videos and the latest scandals that happen in the Philippine celebrity industry. The site owners and writers have been sued countless times for their posts, but the site is still alive  (1.41 million views per month) and getting the inside scoop on Philippine celebrities and Manila elite. Just in case you didn’t know, “pulis” means “police” in Filipino.

Kawaling Pinoy (940,000 views)

Another great food blog, Kawaling Pinoy (translated to Philippine Pan) you’ll find hundreds of recipes and variations of Filipino food–as well as international and fusion favorites! If you’re looking for another food blog, this is the place to go.

Philboxing (560,000 views)

Thanks to Manny Pacquiao and his incredible rise to fame (and political power), Filipinos are obsessed with boxing. Here’s where the fight-hungry go to for latest stats, updates and predictions about fights, all to help them cheer on (and bet better) on the outcomes of matches. It’s no wonder this site gets half a million views a month.

Project Vanity (520,000 views)

Liz Lanuzo’s brainchild started off as a personal blog to beauty but has now evolved into one of the premier online beauty resources. Thanks to her team of great writers, social media savvy and passion (or is addiction?) to beauty, she’s created a site that everyone into makeup and skincare will definitely read.


8list.ph (444,000 views)

Looking for the closest thing to BuzzFeed in the Philippines? 8list is a site that’s all about eight items in a list. You’ll find anything from politics, restaurants, pop culture, celebrities of all ages and even childhood memories for millenials and oldies alike!


Pinoy Adventurista (441,000 views)

According to founder Mervz, he’s visited all the provinces in the Philippines, and has won international blog awards!


Pinoy Money Talk (400,000 views)

This site may not have as massive viewership as the others on this list, but the netizens who frequent this are die-hard financial planners and money gurus. Financially-literate people from all walks of life visit this site for advice, news and great articles on different aspects of growing money in the Philippines.

Unbox.ph (327,000 views)

Another tech blog, you’ll find reviews and great articles on what Filipinos are obsessed the most when it comes to tech! According to their Editor-in-Chief Carlo Ople, they’re literally your “techie friend.”

The Poor Traveler (270,000 views)

Yoshke and Vin’s travel blog is so relatable and fun. One half of the duo still has a day job but takes every opportunity to explore while the other pursues his #wanderlust dreams all day, everyday. If you want tips and honest adventures, this is the blog to read.

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

Gael Hilotin has been featured in numerous travel magazines and shows for her extensive journeys and incredible adventures. She’s all about empowering Philippine women to go our and travel by themselves.

Pinoy Tech Blog (250,000 views)

Another tech blog, this one has the distinction of being one of the first-ever launched in the Philippines, when blogging wasn’t that popular.

Our Awesome Planet (200,000 views)

Anton Diaz’s travel blog initially just featured the Philippines’ brilliant and secret places–until he was able to do the same for a lot of other countries.


The Beautyjunkee (170,000 views)

Martha Sta. Barbara’s blog is a one-woman show about beauty from sidewalk to Chanel! If you want to know what the average Filipina is looking for in beauty, then this is the site you need to see.


In January of this year, Filipinos lead the world in social media use, which inadvertently translated into millions of website views and visits. The sites above show which topics and sites they’re into the most.

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