Look up in the sky tonight and you will see a beautiful full moon because the Mid-Autumn Festival is just round the corner. To celebrate the festivities, consider heading down to the Golden Autumn Celebrations (金秋3D灯光秀•美食节) by the Waterfront at Resorts World Sentosa for a special experience.

Organised by Golden Compass School, the event will run from now till 12 Nov, featuring 3D light shows; beautiful lanterns brought in from Chengdu (成都), China; Sichuan Opera, known for it’s Face Off (变脸) performances; authentic Sichuan cuisines and more.

Ticket are available for purchase via sistic and prices start from just S$8 for seniors, S$15 for adult and S$12 for child during off peak (Mon to Thurs).

As the event is ticketed, there is considerably less crowd compared to other free public events and you will have more space and time to enjoy the attractions, watch the shows and savour the food and drinks.

What to expect? 

The top attractions are the lanterns and 3D light shows. 

Taking centrestage is a projection mapping light show on a 12-metre high giant porcelain vase installation. Running four times every hour, each five-minute performance depicts the classic tale of Moon Goddess Chang’e (嫦娥) and her husband Hou Yi (后羿).

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The lanterns on display are divided into three different zones – China Fantasy, Silk Road Fantasy and Childhood Fantasy.

The China Fantasy zone features gigantic lantern set pieces inspired by Chinese icons such as the adorable panda, precious vases, exquisite umbrellas as well as traditional Chinese architecture. An impressive ancient palace towering over 13-metres high greet all visitors at the grand entrance.

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Featuring beautiful water displays and LED walkways throughout the waterfront, the Silk Road Fantasy zone brings to life the historical journey across China’s vast landscape where trade discoveries and cultural exchanges meet at the crossroads. Found in this zone is a pair of four-metres tall twin swan lanterns that symbolises the coming together of different cultures during this golden period.

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Featuring a children’s dream-like fantasy playground that includes an interactive light-emitting LED dance floor and LED swings, the Childhood Fantasy zone is filled with numerous photograph opportunities for the entire family. The young ones will be thrilled by true-to-life dinosaur figures that tower over six meters high and their larger-than-life dinosaur egg replicas complemented by a glowing safari of animal lantern set pieces comprising the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs.

Some of the exhibits and lanterns were still being set-up for this zone on the opening night, but they will be all ready from tomorrow onwards.

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Revel in live fringe entertainment with performers direct from China

Guests get to enjoy exciting stage performances, showcasing talents direct from Sichuan (四川). Highlights include the province’s signature Bian Lian (face mask-swapping) show, long-spouted Chinese teapot pouring, and even martial arts stunts by Shaolin monks.

You don’t have to fly to China to watch a Bian Lian show – just catch it at Golden Autumn Celebrations.

Savour authentic Sichuan delicacies helmed by Chengdu cooks

No festival is complete without food. Available for public access, guests can choose from over 17 street food stalls offering Sichuan street delicacies prepared by invited cooks specially flown in from Chengdu.

These mouth-watering delights include Three Guns (三大炮) – a famous Sichuan glutinous rice snack, Sliced Beef and Ox Tongue in Chilli Sauce (夫妻肺片) – a Sichuan dish created by a couple named Guo Chao Hua (郭朝华) and Zhang Tian Zheng (張田政) which was christened Mr and Mrs Smith (史密斯夫妇) that was also named Appetiser of the Year (年度开胃菜) in the American GQ magazine this year, and tongue-numbing Sichuan noodles (四川面).

Guests can also pick up, at the festival, artisanal Sichuan handicrafts such as miniature face-changing dolls, folk painting on sugar, and colourful kites, bringing home a treasured piece of Chinese history.

Ready for some fun? This event is suitable for all ages and is perfect for a family day-out.

Golden Autumn Celebrations (金秋3D灯光秀•美食节)

Date: 1 October 2017 (Sunday) to 12 November 2017 (Sunday)
Venue: Resorts World Sentosa, Waterfront
Ticketing: Tickets can be purchased via: (65) 6348 5555 | www.sistic.com.sg | Resorts World Sentosa’s attractions ticketing booths and RWS Invites Counters | www.rwsentosa.com