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Here are all the brands Melissa Koh mentioned during and after her wedding–should she be taxed for all this?

While Melissa Koh’s wedding guests, followers and other netizens are still torn over her wedding sponsorships, it still bears to mention that the wedding dinner was lavish and beautifully styled.

For good or for ill, no matter what your opinion is on wedding sponsorships, here are the brands Melissa Koh’s wedding IG posts mentioned.

Here, she mentioned Swarovski, whose crystals were used on her wedding gown designed by Vaughn Tan.

She mentioned Multifolds, an international photo studio, Step Studio which is a dance studio in Singapore and Sparkle Live Music. According to Sparkle Live Music’s Instagram, Melissa and James practiced performing Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect.” The music company also provided a jazz band for the wedding.

Melissa’s bridesmaids wore several dresses by Juillet.

Sandome Cura is a company that provides artisanal soaps and bath supplies in luxurious and outrageous designs.

Glory Workz creates beautiful albums for events.

Winifred Kristé Cake makes gorgeous couture cakes.

Medkarlek provides event styling while Blisspact plans events.

Gianvitto Rossi creates and sells women’s shoes.

Benjamin Barker provides custom menswear.

Megu Weddings provides catering for weddings as well as styling.

Rimowa provides luggage and travel accessories.

The Botanist Gin provided Melissa’s gin and tonic at the dinner.

K Cottage Studio provided the laser cut letters and Kate Spade New York supplied decor items.

The Social Foot is a sneaker concept store.

Substance Films provides award-winning cinematography for events.

Poptsie Paper Co provides calligraphy and art.

Pazzion provides footwear and accessories for women.

Amanda Lee creates wedding gowns, Tiffany and Co. is a leader in jewelry and CC Lee is a florist.

The Makeup Room SG provides hair and makeup services.

Smitten creates custom children’s wear.

How many brands in all?

All in all, Melissa mentioned 21 brands on her Instagram on her wedding-related posts after the event. Before the wedding, she also mentioned other accounts and tagged them on social media.

The Ritz Carlton Singapore was their wedding banquet venue.

Fujifilm Singapore also had a hand in Melissa’s wedding.

If you count the brands that appeared even before the actual ceremony and had wedding-related posts, that’s more than 25 other brands!

What’s more, most of these companies had exclusive photos of Melissa, James and the wedding on their own accounts, which could not be seen on the couple’s IG accounts!

Should she be taxed for these sponsorships?

According to law, bloggers should be taxed on their sponsorships and receiving payments in kind, like products and services. Take a look at Alvin Lim and his stand on the matter below.

IRAS, Singapore’s tax authority to start taxing bloggers – some clarity needed

From the IG posts and social media buzz generated by Melissa Koh’s mentions, you can be sure those products and sponsorships exceeded the $100 mark that IRAS mandated.

Just from Sandome Cura’s artisan soaps at $29.90 a piece minimum, Melissa could be taxed for every 4 items if she accepted this sponsorship.

Melissa’s bridal party who received spa retreats from Ritz Carlton Singapore that involved La Mer products could surely be taxed. But where is the distinction between bride and blogger? If she weren’t a blogger, would she be taxed for the Ritz Carlton spa party?

Her bridesmaids wore multiple gowns, and so did the bride! If she received these in exchange for social media posts, these could all be taxed as well. Anything over $100 is declarable as income from blogging.

Can’t beat ’em? Join ’em!

While we cannot say which brands offered sponsorships in exchange for social media mentions and exposure, it’s up to you to decide what you think about heavily-sponsored weddings in general. You could also contact all these vendors for your own wedding or event!

Take a look at what guests and netizens say about Melissa Koh’s wedding details.

Whatever you think, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.




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