Top Blog: Getting to Know Melissa Koh from - Alvinology

Top Blog: Getting to Know Melissa Koh from

Whether is it online or offline, Instagram darling Melissa Koh is bound to stop you in your tracks with her flawless good looks and impeccable sense of fashion.

While looking fabulous is certainly in her blood, that’s not the sole reason why this talented lady has a massive following of over 218k followers on Instagram (@melissackoh). Only a few years after graduating from university, she already has much to her name – having worked with international names in the likes of DIOR, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and more.

Top Blog: Getting to Know Melissa Koh from - Alvinology
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We had a chat with Melissa Koh and dived into the nuts and bolts of her life – especially with the planning for her wedding and other exciting projects in the pipeline for her.

When did you start blogging? Also, was it a hobby initially or a sideline you intend to take on as a career in the future then?

It was never my intention to do this as a career. I started writing on my blog when I was 14 or 15 as a platform to document my life and adventures.

Top Blog: Getting to Know Melissa Koh from - Alvinology
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We are curious to know what inspired you to give up the stability of holding a job in private bank to pursue your dreams?
I think it wasn’t an impulsive decision where I woke up one day and decided this was it. Even through my banking career, I was still writing on my blog and taking on campaigns in my free time.

It was a very hectic period managing both. But I monitored its sustainability for some time before making the switch.

Initially, was the blogging journey tough for you and why?
I don’t think I would say that it was “tougher” at the beginning than it is now. It has always been tough and I think it only gets tougher as I’m always striving to be better at what I am doing.

It’s extremely hard when it gets busier, especially with a reality check that there are only 24 hours in a day.

To many, blogging may seem glamourous on the surface but we figured that an insider would know best. What’s your take on it?

I don’t think “glamourous” is the right word to use. It is a lot of hard work and commitment.

I think if you do not have a true passion for it, you will not sustain.

Top Blog: Getting to Know Melissa Koh from - Alvinology
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We also understand that you own a fashion label “RunAfter”, which is truly impressive given your young age. How has it been juggling between blogging and managing your own business?
I decided to leave runafter on a hiatus and focus on my blog.

Growing and building my brand is my priority now and with so much that is happening for it, I prefer to channel all my focus and efforts there.

Do you see your online persona being more of a blogger, an entrepreneur or influencer and why?

A blogger or influencer has essentially melted down into the same thing. Perhaps some prefer being called an “influencer” more than a “blogger” because of a negative connotation that comes with the term “blogger”.

I for one, do not mind being called whatever. I love what I do and I think that matters most.

In my scope of work, I am privileged to have a following that grows with me. I live and breathe my work – from brainstorming ideas, to creating content and executing it.

Top Blog: Getting to Know Melissa Koh from - Alvinology
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What are some of the key takeaways from the challenges you’ve faced and overcome thus far? How have they changed your outlook?
Time has always been my challenge. I’ve learnt that I cannot do every single thing even if I want to.

Hence, prioritising is really important. Learning to let go of some, and focus on another, (while) making of it the best version possible.

Is there any word of advice you’d offer to aspiring bloggers who want to carve out a name for themselves in the industry?

Don’t do it if you’re in this for the fame, money or freebies.

I strongly feel that everyone should focus their efforts and channel their energy into what they’re passionate about and then see where it leads them.

It’s always a pleasant surprise knowing what’s next for you, especially after hearing that wedding bells are ringing for you with your engagement to your fiancé, James Chen. Congratulations on that! How has planning for the wedding been going for you?

Although the wedding in itself seems like a huge project on its own as there are so many vendors and clients involved, I think I’m managing fine with it.

There’s so much happening from an Engagement Party in Bali, to multiple pre-wedding shoots, to some very exciting collaborations.

Top Blog: Getting to Know Melissa Koh from - Alvinology
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But most of all, I am just looking forward to finally being able to marry James, and the life with him after. As I’m Catholic, the church wedding is going to matter the most to me.

Also, what are some of the big plans readers can look forward to hearing from you?
I’m revamping my blog and I will be creating a lot of content around whatever that is happening in my life – such as the wedding, a new home (so a lot of interior related content) and of course, my recent announcement that I’ll be working with Fujifilm as their ambassador, with some big and exciting things happening with them!

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