In a recent report by the Straits Times, influencer and blogger Melissa Celestine Koh’s wedding has become an issue because of the various sponsorships she contracted for her wedding at the RitzCarlton Millenia Singapore.

Lavish wedding, heavily-sponsored event or both?

Melissa got married last August to her childhood friend James Chen in a lavish affair. While the guests suspected sponsorships, the social media mentions in Melissa’s Instagram and other accounts confirmed numerous rumors–a lot of her wedding was sponsored by brands.

In interviews with the Straits Times, some of the 28-year-old’s wedding guests were disappointed despite the luxurious affair and dinner.

Guests weigh in

Min, one of Melissa’s university peers said she felt cheated and, “The sponsorships cheapened the wedding, made it insincere, and I felt as though she had made money off me through her wedding.”

Some guests changed the contents of their hongbao when they realized some parts of the wedding were heavily sponsored.

Cheryl Tay, a fitness blogger, expressed a different opinion and said, “The objective of giving a hongbao is not to help the person getting married recoup their spending. It’s about celebrating with them and wishing them well.”

Netizens are torn

But what do the netizens have to say? Even if they weren’t guests, they could surely get a glimpse at the wedding thanks to Melissa’s prolific posting about the event complete with social media mentions.

Some netizens weren’t surprised at all as sponsorships are de rigueur with bloggers. And besides, the brands approached them!

Some netizens didn’t mince words, though.

Some users think that the wedding could have been a marketing seminar.

Others took issue with the hongbao (or didn’t take issue at all).

Some posts took issue with the fact she invited so many guests to her wedding and said that she purposedly got so many to increase reach.  

Some people asked the right questions. 

And finally, other people were just chill.

What do you think about Melissa Koh and James Chen’s wedding? Should she disclose her sponsorships and the amounts? Would you still give hongbao?

Here are the ALL 25+ THE BRANDS Melissa Koh mentioned on her social media!

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Header photo from Melissa Koh’s Instagram account