In another episode of “Objectification of women” and “Sleazy moves,” an Australian girl named Hannah Price living and working in Singapore gave an account of how she caught a man allegedly taking a photo up her skirt as she was walking up a footbridge.

According to her YouTube account, she is a performer.

Take a look at the video below:

According to the video, Hannah was walking up the footbridge when she turned around and saw that a man was one stair step behind her, his phone level with his chest, just at the right height to take a photo up her skirt.

She reacted by kicking him square on the chest, which caused the man to drop his phone over the footbridge railing. Instead of getting mad, as she expected him to do if she was mistaken in her assumption, he muttered something and fled down the stairs.

Hannah then followed him down, and he started walking away from her faster.

She was able to see where his phone had been dropped, so she sprinted towards the phone, picked it up, and ran all the way back to her apartment building. After asking for help from the security guards, the man following her asked to go inside because he purportedly left his phone.

The guards declined to let him in and the man gave his name and number. The police also arrived and assisted Hannah, encouraging her to file a case. She gave the man’s phone to the police and was able to appear in court to give her statement.

Netizens take sides

Predictably, netizens are on all sides of the issue, some of them calling Hannah out on what she was wearing, and others going so far as to call her ugly.

Other commenters praised her actions and were concerned for her experience in Singapore.

There was also one user who took the opportunity to hit on her.

What would you have done?

If you caught someone taking an upskirt video or photo of you, would you have the courage to confront him?

Hannah mentioned that she had been in much worse situations in other places like Japan, and that the Singapore police were very helpful and took the matter quite seriously.

But would you do the same thing and actually steal the guy’s phone?

What do you think?

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