In October last year, China-born Singapore ex-national table tennis player and two-time Olympic medalist, Wang Yuegu, 36, announced her divorce from her Taiwanese husband, Gabriel Lee, 37.

In a Facebook post announcing the divorce, Wang wrote in Chinese: “I don’t wish to dwell on the reasons, but I think everyone should understand why a woman would get a divorce shortly after giving birth (对于一个女人来说,在做月子里离婚,我想大家都会明白的).”

No, the public did not understand what happened. Nonetheless, no one dug any deeper in respect of Wang and her family’s privacy.

Yesterday, Wang broke her silence and exposed various photos and text messages documenting the alleged affair between her ex-husband, Lee and his alleged mistress, known as “Eloise’s mum”.

The exposed text messages involve a conversation about booking a hotel near Queensway Shopping Centre as well as a breakup message from Eloise’s mum with details summarising the 9 months alleged affair:

Wrote Eloise’s mum in the last message in Chinese:

“Bb, during this period, I observed your life and your family and it’s all bliss and happiness. I cannot think of any reason or justification to enter into your life and affect your future. I can see you really love your wife and care for her very much. Hence all the more I cannot continue to be with you. I am very happy to have known you. During this period which we spent together, there is a special bond and feeling which resulted in us getting so close together so fast. I cannot carry on like this. It would be unfair to your innocent wife.

I am only breaking up with you because I have no choice. I am happy to come to this conclusion and that you have once loved me. I am also proud to say that ‘I’m yours’. I can feel you really care about me to make sure I drive carefully and worry about my eating habits. You did not get together with me just to make love.

After getting to know me, your life had become happier because we got along so well and you would share everything with me. I want you to know that I did not get together with you just because I am lonely. Yes, my husband flies a lot, but it is not the reason why I am with you. You should know that I am surrounded by lots of friends and I am never lonely. We have a special bond. That’s why we are together today. In just 9 months, our minds are aligned and it is simply astonishing! Let’s bury this treasured memories into our hearts. You should go on with your blissful life. Okay bb?


Wang and Lee have been married since June 2011, and their baby boy was born in July last year.

Wang is one of the most accomplished sportswomen in Singapore.

Representing Singapore for the first time at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, she was a member of the silver medal-winning women’s table tennis team. This was the first time that Singapore had won an Olympic medal since Singapore’s independence in 1965.

In May 2010 the trio of Wang, Feng Tianwei and Sun stunned the reigning champion China 3–1 in the Liebherr World Team Table Tennis Championships in Moscow, making Singapore world champion for the first time. Wang went on to win the women’s team bronze medal with Feng and Li at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London before she announced her retirement from competitive sports in August 2012.

In her Weibo post written in Chinese, Wang asked, “why can’t both of you let go of me and my son? (为什么你们一直不放过我和我儿子)”

She wrote on her Weibo at midnight: “Son, today you are ten months old. Although it has been hard, but mummy is thankful to heaven for blessing me with you. Mummy really love you very much but there are some stuff and people constantly at the back of my mind. I thought I already released them and blessed them to find true love. (儿子今天你满十个月了这十个月虽然很辛苦,但是妈妈还是要感谢老天把你带到我的身边,妈妈真的好爱你,只是有些事情和人一直困扰着我最初我已经放给你们自由了,也祝福你们找到真爱。)”

Wang also shared an intimate photo of her husband and the alleged mistress, together with the various text messages:

She ended in an angry tone: “Why can’t both of you let go of me and my son? I beg both of you to release us. We just want to have a simple life. (为什么你们一直都不放过我和我儿子。我请求你们放过我们吧。我们只想过简单的生活。)”

Wang also reposted the same message and pictures on her Facebook: