Adding to the list of scams in Singapore is durian, according to a Facebook post by a netizen.

Eugene Lau took to Facebook on Thursday night (May 4) to warn others about his wife’s encounter with random door-to-door durian sellers. According to his post, durian sellers showed up at his house on Thursday trying to sell Mao Shan Wang durians to his wife at $15 each.

His post has received about 5,800 shares and 600 comments.

According to his post, Lau said his wife agreed to buy some durians from the sellers who then started to open up the fruit.

But the sellers told the wife that they had opened six durians and wanted to charge “her $15 per KG instead of per durian.”

Lau said the sellers took out a weighing scale and wanted his wife to pay “$385 bloody dollars – that’s 23kg worth of durians!.”

His wife refused to pay and immediately called Lau who then called the police.

“The durian bastards must have sensed that something was wrong and told my wife that they will come back for payment later when the husband is back,” he said in his post.

Lau also added that the sellers had a “knife in their hand.”

“I was already in rage mode and was picturing myself smashing the durian shells into their face, but too bad those bastards never came back for their money or durians. It was then that the police informed me that even his own mother got scammed by these assholes,” he wrote.

Lau ended off his post warning others “not (to) fall prey to these durian scammers.”

Lau’s Facebook post can be found here: