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5 Amazing Things We Found On Sex Predator Josh Robinson’s Public Blog

5 Amazing Things We Found On Sex Predator Josh Robinson’s Public Blog

If you’re one of the 26, 000 individuals who had signed the online petition for a heavier sentence, you’ll find yourself disappointed. To many’s dismay, the four year sentence remains for Robinson, the infamous Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) coach who had sexually assaulted two minors and even showed a 6-year-old an obscene video.

The public erupted in furore when initial word got out that the sex predator was getting a jail term of 4 years, causing many to band together in the petition.While the latest announcement from Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) may not have pleased everyone – but hey, at least we tried.

Before reality sinks in, we want to show you 5 amazing things we found on Joshua Robinson’s public blog (yes, he keeps a public blog and it is still public for now!) – lest he deletes all of them:

He advocates the pursuit of one’s artistic inclinations

Source: Joshua Robinson’s Blog.

Now we know something we didn’t know before. He has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a mental disorder characterised by problems paying attention, excessive activity, or difficulty controlling behaviour which is not appropriate for a person’s age. In his post, Robinson made a dig at the rigid education system that places subjects such as math and science, above more artistic subjects like dance and music. Well, we may just agree on that.

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His “very low” work station 

Source: Joshua Robinson’s Blog.

Source: Joshua Robinson’s Blog.

We didn’t think much about his work station but one reader did – his comment cracked us up:

Source: Joshua Robinson’s Blog.

His life story in a post 

To spare you the trouble of having to read a lengthy post about his life story, here’s a succinct snippet that nailed it:

Source: Joshua Robinson’s Blog.

If it weren’t for the sex predator scandal, our first impression of this American citizen would be spotless. Seeing how he pulled through the hardships in his life with grit, many would have taken their hats off to him. Little did anyone know there’s a darker side to him…

His resume takes up a post on his blog 

Source: Josh Robinson’s Blog.

Wait, is that a resume?! Yes, Robinson did publish his resume as a post on his blog. Was he having a dry spell when it came to blogging, given how prolific he claimed he is in many of his posts?  Only he would know.

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On a side note, his resume is pretty impressive, having worked on big productions like the Clone War series and Terminator Salvation – maybe that’s why we are seeing the resume on his blog.

His self-initiated moment of fame 


Source: Josh Robinson’s Blog.

It’s easy to deduce that he’s a creative individual who has a boundless imagination – but he made sure that notion is cemented in this post. Having worked in international establishments that many would kill to work in, his passion in animation came through in his works.

Source: Josh Robinson’s Blog.

Robinson continued to amaze us as he rolled out even more of his portfolio in the post. The video animations were all massive productions – nothing short of what you watch in the movies. Think Super Bowl commercial and Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

After Robinson’s misdeeds unravelled in the public eye, we learned that someone’s online persona can be worlds apart from what he really is. That is exactly why parents should prevent their young children from learning it the hard way.

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Parents have to be wary of the dating sites used by the Robinson to meet underage girls.

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