Why Zen Rooms is Asia’s New Age Travel Buddy - Alvinology

Why Zen Rooms is Asia’s New Age Travel Buddy


Have that burning desire in you to book an air ticket and fly to somewhere serene and scenic?

Don’t brush it off because like you, that thought crosses our minds every single day.

If budget is a constraint, it no longer will be with Zen Rooms.

Whether is it for work or leisure, you can easily book a comfortable and affordable stay given the wide array of options at Zen Rooms.

Zen Rooms sets itself apart from other hotel booking platforms

Why Zen Rooms is Asia’s New Age Travel Buddy - Alvinology
Photo courtesy of Zen Rooms.

Travellers these days are spoilt for choice when it comes to hotel booking platforms. While Zen Rooms is one of these platforms, it is not just any other platform.

Budget-conscious travel buffs can certainly see their dream vacations coming true with Zen Rooms. Across 39 cities in seven countries, you can take your pick from endless accommodation choices without paying a hefty price for them.

As an alternative to traditional hotel chains, this budget accommodation startup shakes up the travel scene with a fuss-free booking experience and faultless service you can’t find elsewhere.

Travel more and pay less across Asia

Why Zen Rooms is Asia’s New Age Travel Buddy - Alvinology
Photo courtesy of Zen Rooms.

Zen Rooms certainly goes the extra mile as its blog often dishes out valuable travel hacks you need a reminder of.

While it may slip your mind to ‘live like a local’ overseas, the platform refreshes your memory with useful articles like 5 Budget Travel Hacks To Live By. Now you can certainly travel more and pay less across Asia with these tips at your fingertips (no pun intended).

Not only do you save on your lodgings overseas, you save on your travel expenditure with insider tips to free tourists’ attractions such as the one here and here.

Let’s all face it – we tend to lose track of our spending overseas and many of us would seize any opportunity to save money. Besides, a handful of millennial travellers these days want to make the most bang out of their bucks given how frequent they travel out of the country.

Zen Rooms offers budget accommodations with great quality

Why Zen Rooms is Asia’s New Age Travel Buddy - Alvinology
Photo courtesy of Zen Rooms.

While Zen Rooms offers budget accommodations, the quality is not in the least bit compromised. Having over 5000 rooms across 35 destinations in Southeast Asia, Zen Rooms has established itself as the leading budget hotel chain.

There is no doubt about it as their core philosophy lies in a careful curation of the best independent budget hotels. You can be sure nothing but the best stays on the platform, given their regular checks for quality assurance.

The next time you are looking to stretch your dollars and stay comfortably overseas, Zen Rooms is surely the way to roll!

Alvinology X Zen Rooms Giveaway Month

You’re in for a lucky treat! In celebration of Alvinology’s 10th Anniversary this year, we are having a special partnership with Zen Rooms for all you loyal readers and fans alike. Here’s a promo code for your travel booking on Zen Rooms: ZENALVIN15.

This promo code entitles only new users (and Alvinology’s readers) of Zen Rooms to 15% off their bookings on the platform and this is valid till January 2018.

There’s certainly plenty of time for you to make your travel plans from now till the start of next year so no more excuses – book that accommodation now!

Why Zen Rooms is Asia’s New Age Travel Buddy - Alvinology

Keep an eye out for this space as we are having an entire month of exciting giveaways you won’t want to miss!


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