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Savour the Flavours of Fall with Morton’s of Chicago’s New Seasonal Menu

This article is written by Chia Mei Fen of Asia 361.

This fall, Morton’s of Chicago has unveiled an all-new seasonal menu for diners to indulge in the hearty flavours of autumn at home in the heart of tropical Singapore. Starting from 10th October, the new additions to the wholesome home-style cooking at Morton’s promises to offer a treat for everyone. A first time patron of Morton’s, I have heard plenty about the food, the ambience and the experience in general and so it was with great anticipation that I psyched myself up for a great feast.


The delightful Prime Steak Tartare (S$33) immediately set the tone for what was a delectable menu to follow. Served with pickled red onions, Dijon mustard, cornichons and a lightly toasted baguette, the beef tenderloin tartare was chewy and rich in flavour. For me, this dish was a good combination of taste and texture to whet the appetite. Those who cook are well aware that steak tartare is not an easy dish to master. This was however perfectly seasoned with not a hint of gamey which some diners may find difficult to palate. I found myself reaching out endlessly for mouthful after mouthful of this goodness.


Next on the menu was the highly anticipated main course – the American Wagyu Ribeye Steak 10oz ($118). I would not have expected anything less from such a reputable traditional steakhouse and it truly did not disappoint. Sourced from the famed Snake River Farms in the US which boast Japanese grade marbling, the meat was cooked perfectly ensuring that it was succulent and tender on the inside yet crisp and smokey on the outside, overflowing with mouth watering juices with every bite. The marbling was fragrant with a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The choice of a peppercorn sauce with cognac and spice served to enhance the flavour of the premium quality steak.



Making their grand debut were the Roasted Hen of The Woods Mushrooms (S$23) and Morton’s Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes with Nueske’s Bacon (S$28) to go with the main. The aromatic mushrooms can be detected even from far across the table. Do not be deceived by its appearance and plating simply in its original form (somewhat resembles artichokes), the mushrooms are juicy, crunchy and refreshing. The mashed potatoes with bacon offer a flavourful creamy texture to go with the steak. For diners with larger appetites like me, the generous portions left me truly satiated.


On to the finale to wrap up – the lovely White Chocolate Pecan Bread Pudding (S$35), served with a warm bourbon caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream dusted with white chocolate confetti. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not too sweet or heavy like many traditional puddings. The contrasting warm and cold tantalise the tastebuds, leaving a sweet aftertaste and memory of a night of possibly, overindulgence.

Overall, the fall menu offers a generous serving of refreshing new flavours in addition to the traditional hearty American fare that local diners have long been familiar with. The specially curated wine list offers a wide range of pairings that ensure that everyone can enjoy their own interpretation of the meal. For a more casual night out with friends or perhaps a post-work wind down session with colleagues, consider heading down to the Bar for a cocktail or two prior to indulging to your heart’s content.

This festive season, diners who purchase S$500 in Morton’s gift cards will also receive a bonus card valued at $100 valid for an entire year from date of purchase. Yet another good reason to visit Morton’s again.

Morton’s The Steakhouse, Singapore
Mandarin Oriental Singapore Fourth Storey
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Phone: +65 6339 3740

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