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Ichiran to have pop-up at Takashimaya Square’s Japan Food Matsuri in October

Ichiran ramen fans, the time is now! A report on The Straits Times confirms that famous ramen chain Ichiran will be having a pop-up at Takashimaya Square’s Japan Food Matsuri next month, October 2019. You can finally have their wondrous tonkotsu ramen without having to fly all the way to Japan!

According to a report on The Straits Times, Ichiran’s pop-up will run from October 3 to 20 at the Japan Food Matsuri as part of their Ramen Revolution. The last Ramen Revolution was held at Resorts World Sentosa.

Ichiran Ramen is a very popular ramen chain that foreigners love to frequent in JApan. It’s quite popular for its ramen booths for single-person diners and

What ramen are available at Ichiran’s pop-up?

The same report said that the offerings on the menu won’t be the same as the usual. A limited ramen variant called the “New York Limited” instant ramen will be featured. This ramen contains green onions, wood ear mushroom, and the Ichiran signature spicy seasoning. You’ll still be able to eat its famous tonkotsu ramen.

The servings will be limited to 700 in a day, while only 200 boxes of the yummy ramen will be sold daily. One box would go for $35 and would contain three servings.

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What other ramen brands would be available?

For ramen enthusiasts, they can also try the 175 Degrees Deno Ramen, which is popular because of its tantan men dry noodles at $15. Another crowd favorite that’s very anticipated is the spicy miso ramen from Yoshiyama Shouten, which will sell for $14. Both variants are from Sapporo.

Ramen isn’t the only thing on the menu at Japan Food Matsuri

The second year of Japan Food Matsuri has sushi, drinks, desserts, and regional Japanese produce showcased. Ramen is clearly not the only star of this festival.

An omakase-style menu with a different chef every day will be offered, with the menu ranging from $88 to $188. You can have your choice o sushi with sake, shochu or whiskey. Prices for shochu start at $10.

You can’t have a Japanese food festival without the highly-coveted wagyu beef. The Japanese premium food item will be on offer in different ways, and the much-anticipated A4 grade wagyu shabu shabu may end up the star item. The wagyu will retail at $35 for 100 grams, while an equally-luxurious king crab bento will go for $42. Dried scallops will also be available at $80 for 100 grams.

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What desserts are available at Japan Food Matsuri?

Hokkaido treats will be the highlight of the dessert spaces, with Little Juice Bar’s ichigo Kezuri or shaved strawberry sweets ($8), and Parfaitera Pal’s Hokkaido Hand Parfait ($18).

Hokkaido brands Bake x Zaku Zaku have collaborated for the festival to offer matcha cheese tart ($3.90) or zaku zaku soft serve ($6). Bake is best known for its cheese tarts, while Zaku Zaku is known for its cream-filled choux puffs.

Ichiran has also branches is New York, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Header image from Shutterstock, Ichiran Ramen in Japan

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