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Male Singaporean churchgoer jailed for posting nude photos of wife, sister-in-law, church members on Sammyboy

This is what happens when college-level peeping toms get married and level-up without getting caught.

In a report from Today Online, a 41-year-old unnamed man was jailed for posting nude photos and videos of several women with accompanying text, which were secretly recorded and uploaded in the hopes he would gain acceptance and validation from other men in an online forum community.

Found on the male-leaning, pervert-ridden online forum called Sammyboy, the photos and videos featured the criminal’s wife, family friends, and even members of their church. The site has also been nototrious for being a hub to download nude photos and videos without consent from the owners, with footage usually taken against the will of the subjects.

The Singaporean man who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victims was sentenced to 28 weeks in jail and a fine of $6,000. According to the report, he pleaded guilty in July to “eleven charges of insulting a woman’s modesty, transmitting obscene material, making insulting communications that caused distress under the Protection from Harassment Act, and possessing obscene films.”

There were sixteen other charges that were considered during sentencing.

The report said that the man started filming women as far back as 2009 when he was 29 years old. His modus operandi involved setting up pinhole cameras in several locations. He placed them in his mother-in-law’s house, a church member’s house, and in his own home. The spot he chose to hide them in was the toilet.

Along with his constant recording, he also engaged in various discussion and posted illicit content on the Sammyboy site, where similar anonymous perverts supported his crimes, and gave him validation. The man said that he felt “Accepted” by the community and that his actions were justified by the other members since they considered churchgoers as hypocrites.

He uploaded photos of the videos he took, which featured several women, including his wife.

Another common type of content that he uploaded on the forum were photos of adult film actresses placed side-by-side with photos of his victims. He would also watch several pornographic videos in the hopes of finding actresses who resembled his victims so he could post more content.

Sexual fantasy story

What he was most known for, however, was a “sexual fantasy story” that involved the unauthorized photos of a close church friend. According to the report, he installed a camera in the female friend’s toilet when she allowed him to shower at her place after a jog. He used the opportunity to place a camera then.

When he got the footage of her showering, he used twelve screenshots to write a story he published on the forum.

Aside from that post, he also published several photos of his sister-in-law showering, and even photos of his church mentor showering as well.

He went so far as to download a photo of his church friend from Facebook and put it side-by-side with a nude photo of her, that he took from one of his videos. The photos could see her face clearly.

NUS perverts are just the first stage?

How was he caught?

A month later, a friend of the victim with the Facebook photo on Sammyboy notified her of what happened, that her photo was featured on the perverted forum.

She lodged a police report at Bedok North Beighborhood Police Centre.

He tried to hide traces of his activities by deleting his Sammyboy account, but police found devices that contained nude photos and videos that were taken without permission. An iPAd from his office also contained illicit content.

His defense tried to mitigate the charges by saying he “wanted to get caught” when he uploaded a woman’s Facebook photo with a nude photo.

The judge did not consider that and pointed to the callousness of the man.

Perverts in all top Singaporean universities and their crimes.

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