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NUS molester Terence Siow avoided jail time thanks to good grades and supportive family, allegedly earned $6000 as math tutor

What kind of person molests a woman three times on a train and doesn’t spend any jail time at all? A person like National University of Singapore student Terence Siow Kai Yuan, apparently, who comes from a supportive family and has great grades.

Who is NUS molester Terence Siow?

In the latest NUS sexual harassment case that’s fired up Singapore, 23-year-old Applied Mathematics student Terence Siow has been the object of much ire and outrage (and probably secret, disgusting, admiration among perverts) after he did not receive any jail time for his recent verdict. According to Channel News Asia, he was charged with using criminal force with intent to outrage the modesty of his victim.

If a maximum sentence had been followed for the offense, he would have spent two years in jail for his crime, but here are the punishments he got:

  1. 21 months of supervised probation
  2. 150 hours of community service
  3. attend a treatment program related to his crime
  4. $5000 bond to ensure good behaviour (which was furnished by his supportive parents)

As for his sanctions with NUS, a disciplinary board was formed last year in October to look into his conduct. According to the same report, he was suspended for an unmentioned length of time and provided with mandatory counselling.

Siow’s lawyer Raphael Louis said his client would be graduating from NUS in one to two years. “He’s getting help, he wants to change, he has learnt his lesson,” he said.

According to a report on Temasek Times, he is allegedly a scholarship student from Malaysia, and he admitted that he had been doing such acts since 2016.

A page on a math tutorial site featuring Terence has been taken down, but it showed that he had good academic performance and was employed as a tutor in a large tutoring firm.

What did NUS molester Terence Siow do to the victim?

The crime happened last year on September 12. The case facts held that “The accused noticed that the victim was wearing shorts and had ‘very logn legs’ before deciding to sit beside the victim.” He then felt the urge ti touch her and did so, using his left hand to touch the victim’s right thing. When the victim moved away and crossed her legs he continued to touch her.

The victim moved away from him for the rest of the ride then alighted at Serangoon MRT station.

Undaunted, molester Siow followed her off the train and wanted to touch her again, unable to control his urge to do so. He went up the same escalator she did, being right behind her. He then ran his finger along the seam of her shorts, above her private area.

This was when she reacted and turned around, shouting at him. He turned around to go to the control station and the victim told the station officer of the molestation, pointing at Siow as the perpetrator. Siow left the MRT station and the officer notified police of the incident.

Nicholas Lim is another pervert who did not get any jail time for recording Monica Baey in a university shower and uploading the video online.

While the court ordered the identity of the victim hidden, a woman named Karen Siew came forward in her Facebook account to detail how disappointed she was about the sentence, and that she felt she did no get closure from the proceedings.

She said that she was also offered $5000 so that she would not protest a lighter sentence for Terence in the same Facebook post.

Petition against NUS molester Terence Siow on

More than 50,000 people have signed a petition on in relation to Siow’s sentence, with the title,  Say NO to Favorable Sentences for “Educated” Sex Offenders.

Terence is just another pervert in a series of peeping and inappropriate touching cases perpetrated by students from NUS and Nanyang Technical University, with the pattern of sexual harassment against females and relatively light sentences that do not even warrant jail time because of lukewarm policies.

You can sign the petition here.


  1. What kind of law do we have in a first world Singapore? Corruption free and even molest free (no jail term)? But bear in mind, you must have good academic results to enjoy these “perks”!!!!!!! If you are a lousy student, then be prepared to get your ass “Rotan”ed.
    Because this is a country where only the smart and/or rich will triumph. The government always said about inclusive society, inclusive Singapore but it should rename it as exclusive Singapore. Rich people bully poor people. Especially car drivers. I have experienced many times at zebra crossing, and drivers with Mercs, BMWs, Lexus and even cheap cars like Altis, Vios, Honda civic, driving without stopping.I am always on alert and definitely with God’s help to be alive. If not, I would be no longer in this world. Also look at the bicyclists, PMDs or whatever you called it, zooming in and out at pedestrian foothpaths. I escaped many “deaths”. This is like in the 1960s when I was in primary school. THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.
    Okay. Back to the main issue. MOLEST.
    I think in the next edition of Oxford dictionary, this word should be revised or spilt into two.
    1. A*Star molest is when a guy committed it, he will be handled with a very light penalty.
    2. PG molest is when a guy committed it, he will be severely sentenced. Canning is mandatory.
    Well, what is PG molest?????????
    Haha haha!!!! It’s Poor Grade molest.
    Not parental guidance. Haha [email protected]
    So if a guy got a president scholarship which is better than this Malaysian a**h*** scholar and committed RAPE, I mean rape not molest( I deliberately put it in capital letters), then he will be enjoying the “perks” of our First World Singapore law.
    What a Singapore!!!!?????
    What a First World!!!!?????
    Congratulations to the smart and rich!!!!
    Do what you want!!! No worries.
    But poor grade people, what to do???
    Go the MBS and jump down!!!
    Maybe I will jump too. Because I’m poor and not so smart but a little stupid.

  2. Same here I was molested and the perpetrator got away with a warning in lieu of prosecution. They took 2 years to close the case with no updates. The name of the perpetrator cannot be revealed to me in order to protect him. I hope there are more awareness on this. They are trivializing and normalizing sexual assault.

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