All you foodies out there, listen up! Tsuta, the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen eatery, has launched 2 new dishes for you to enjoy!

Tsuta is helmed by Chef Yuki Onishi who is known for experimenting with unique flavours and for using high quality ingredients in his dishes.

Read on to find out more about the new delicacies that you can sample at Tsuta!

Tori Paitan

The brand new Tori Paitan Soba (chicken ramen) comes in both original and spicy options (along with sides) for variety. The new ramen features one of the most popular ingredients in Asia and Singapore: chicken!

The original Tori Paitan (S$12, inclusive of GST and no service charge) includes a sumptuous broth, two tender pieces of roasted teriyaki chicken, sweet corn, shiitake mushrooms, baby leaves and egg.

The broth is rich as it has been boiled for five hours and ingredients that go into the broth include chicken bones and feet as well as Chef Yuki’s special shoyu tare. However, do note that it is slightly on the salty side and may be more favourable for those who prefer intense flavours.

I especially loved the chicken thigh slices as they are tender and juicy. A lot of effort goes into preparing the chicken thigh slices as prior to cooking, it is soaked in a shoyu and white wine marinade!

I also enjoyed the texture of noodles which is springy and fits well with the broth.

For those who prefer spicy ramen, there is also the Spicy Tori PaitanĀ (S$13, inclusive of GST and no service charge). The broth is made the same way, with the addition of chilli oil!

You can certainly feel the spicy kick when drinking mouthfuls of the broth or even when eating the ramen. The chilli oil is made with chilli padi, olive oil and leek, following an in-house recipe.

Interestingly, the dish comes with a side of tomato paste that can be added to the broth for extra flavour. At the media tasting, I first tried the dish without the paste and then with and discovered that the tomato zest gives the broth an added tang, thereby transforming the dish!

Personally, I think the addition of the tomato paste is extra delightful for those who prefer their ramen to just have a hint of spice or those with lower spice tolerance, like me!

Delectable Sides

Of course, main dishes aside, there are also 4 new side dishes to discover!

Tsuta now offers Edamame ($4.80) as a side dish! You may be thinking, what’s so unique about this?

Well, Tsuta’s edamame is imported directly rom Japn and is lightly seasoned with a mixture of Mongolian rock salt and pepper that enhances its taste. It is a light and delicious starter snack that goes perfectly with Tsuta’s ramen.

The portion is given also reasonably generous!

For those who prefer a more filling side dish, Yaki Gyoza ($6.80) may be the dish for you!

The Yaki Gyoza is pan-seared to a nice crunchy crisp texture. The gyoza is made with thin wheat, flour skin, seasoned minced pork, shiso leaves and momen tofu, giving it a hearty and rich taste overall. For those who dislike consuming overly gamey pork, you will be glad that the presence of tofu helps eliminate the overpowering taste of pork unlike other gyozas.

The Yaki Gyoza also comes with a side of chilli paste for you to dip it in.

There is also the Sui Gyoza ($6.80) which is made the same way as the Yaki Gyoza except that it is specially marinated in a lemon and shio tare dressing. This gives it a slightly zesty and light flavour which complements the filling well.

Both types of gyoza are accompanied by a special dipping sauce made of shoyu tare and Japanese vinaigrette. In my opinion, though, the dumplings are flavourful enough on its own and one may find the dish to be a tad salty if dipped in the sauce.

What better way to end off a good meal than with dessert? Tsuta now offers an extremely affordable Matcha Bavaro ($2.80) which is made with premium matcha, azuki beans, mint leaves and fresh cream.

Even as someone who doesn’t enjoy matcha, I still enjoyed the silky and smooth texture of the concentrated matcha which has a light and delicate flavour. Match it with the sweet azuki and rich cream and you get a perfect mini dessert!

Details about Tsuta and their new dishes

These featured dishes will be launched on 29 June at both Tsuta outlets.

Tsuta (Pacific Plaza):

9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #01-01 Singapore 228210

Operating Hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm

Seating Capacity: 19

Tsuta (Tai Seng):

18 Tai Seng Street #01-01, Singapore 539775

Operating Hours: 11am – 3pm and 5pm – 9pm (Mon to Wed), 11am – 9pm (Thurs to Sun, PH)

Seating Capacity: 20

Visit Tsuta’s Facebook or Instagram page to find out more!