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Singlife “The Dream” Campaign Inspires Singaporeans on the Path to Financial Freedom

Singlife unveils its latest brand campaign, and it’s all about igniting the ‘can-do’ spirit among individuals across Singapore as they embark on their journey towards financial freedom.

Embracing the ‘Caaaaan!’ Spirit

Singlife’s new campaign cleverly incorporates the quintessentially local expression “Caaaaan!” into its marketing and communications assets. This spirited campaign draws parallels between Singlife’s brand story and the national journey of Singapore. The colloquial phrase “Caaaaan!” playfully references Singapore’s resilience and determination while emphasizing Singlife’s unwavering commitment to helping Singaporeans achieve their financial goals.

Inspired by the Financial Freedom Index

The heart of this brand campaign beats in sync with Singaporeans’ desire to attain financial freedom, as revealed by Singlife’s first-ever Financial Freedom Index (FFI). This comprehensive study surveyed 3,000 Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to gain insights into their financial attitudes and behaviors. Recognizing that financial freedom takes on diverse meanings for individuals at various life stages, Singlife is dedicated to assisting consumers in realizing their unique aspirations for financial independence.

Singlife “The Dream” Campaign Inspires Singaporeans on the Path to Financial Freedom - Alvinology

Introducing “The Dream”

Titled “The Dream,” this campaign artfully captures the aspirations of everyday Singaporeans who dream of early retirement with peace of mind. In this engaging narrative, a middle-aged couple embarks on an adventurous retirement journey, living in an RV surrounded by lush greenery and exploring the world. Adding a touch of star power, Mediacorp celebrity Pierre Png, Singlife’s brand ambassador, makes a special appearance as their ‘dream’ neighbor. The film poignantly concludes by emphasizing the significance of pursuing one’s dreams and how Singlife empowers Singaporeans to take the first step towards their unique vision of financial freedom.

Coming to Screens and Streets

“The Dream” will gradually unfold over the next few weeks through an integrated, multi-channel communications strategy. You can expect to encounter it on broadcast, radio, digital platforms, and out-of-home advertising (OOH).

Behind the Scenes: MullenLowe Singapore

The creative genius behind Singlife’s brand campaign is none other than MullenLowe Singapore, the local arm of the renowned London-based creative agency, MullenLowe Group. Singlife chose MullenLowe Singapore as its creative agency partner following a competitive three-month tender process that spanned from December 2022 to March 2023.

Looking to the Future: “The Dream Cube”

Singlife’s commitment to helping individuals visualize their path to financial freedom doesn’t stop with this campaign. In the first quarter of 2024, Singlife will launch an OOH activation event called “The Dream Cube.” This immersive and interactive experience, powered by generative AI, will enable the public to bring their vision of financial freedom to life. Stay tuned for more exciting details about this visual experience in the coming months.

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