Misfit Ray - The Most Stylish & Versatile Tracker To Date - Alvinology

Misfit Ray – The Most Stylish & Versatile Tracker To Date

For the past week, I started wearing the Ray and I never had to remove it! Yup! Non-charging wearables are so rare these days, it feels good to finally not have to charge a piece of tech gadget. It tracks my daily activity, sleeping pattern and alert me with gentle vibrations and LED blink for notification I set.

This is the stylish Misfit Ray.


The above is the Misfit Ray fitness tracker in carbon black (RRP $159). It is swim proof, comes with anodized aluminum or stainless steel cylinder with multicolor LED display. Gently double tap on the ray to see your progress on the LED display. There are total of 7 colours, and the closer you are to your set daily target, the more colour lights you will see. When you see 7 flashing colour lights, that means you’ve hit your target!

Misfit Ray Multicolour LED Indicator

This is not my first fitness tracker, but it is now the one I wear 24-7. It is light, small, water resistant, stylish and most importantly I do not need to charge my Misfit Ray! The Misfit Ray uses three 393 batteries which last up to 6 months before you need to change it. Changing the battery also requires no additional tools, just twist and pull.

Understanding My Sleeping Pattern

I feel that I’ve not had proper sleep for straight 6 hours for the past 5 years. And recent increase in work and the many other things in life, I am even more exhausted and have not felt my 101% for the past one month. With a week of sleep tracked with Misfit Ray, I finally know why my nightly 7-8 hours of sleep is never enough.

Misfit Ray - The Most Stylish & Versatile Tracker To Date - Alvinology

Misfit Ray - The Most Stylish & Versatile Tracker To Date - Alvinology

Out of the 7/8 hours, I only had 3 hours of restful sleep! The constant movements from the little ones next to me, and the “Mummy! I want to sleep with you” and then the random kicks and push when the little one plong herself next to me in bed makes it hard to sleep peacefully. With all the exhaustion and insufficient restful sleep adding up day after day, I’ll probably be living in a 80 year old body by the time I hit 40.

Customisable Alerts

If you have the habit of having your phone deep in your huge bag, and always missing calls, Whatsapp alerts and all the chats sent on Facebook. Well because you cannot hear the rings nor feel the vibration from your phone! Like me, you will love the Misfit Ray App Notification feature!

Misfit Ray App Notification Alert - Alvinology

From the Misfit app, you can customise what you want to be alerted through your Misfit Ray. Besides those you see in the image above, you can also add alerts for Mail, Viber, WeChat, Skype, Line, Twitter and Instagram. Pick one of the 8 available colours for the LED notification and the sequence of vibration (1 to 4) on the ray.

With Misfit Ray, you will never miss a call again!

Move Your Butt and Get Moving

When I start working at my desk, I’m always stuck there for more than 4 hours straight without any breaks. This is actually not very healthy and causes lots of aches and pains. I’ve started moving more and taking short breaks the past week thanks to the Misfit Move activity reminder. You can set a period where the tracker will remind you to get up to stretch and move every scheduled interval.

Misfit Ray - The Most Stylish & Versatile Tracker To Date - Alvinology

It’s now my daily alarm to remind me its time to rest my eyes, get up for stretch and a short break.

My Everyday Companion

The Misfit Ray is so simple yet stylish, and with the upcoming arrival of Misfit Ray accessories, I think I’ve found my new everyday companion.

Misfit Ray - The Most Stylish & Versatile Tracker To Date - Alvinology

Win a Misfit Ray for Yourself

Together with SG BusLeh and Misfit, we are giving away 4 sets of Misfit Ray this month!

  1. If you have SG BusLeh on your android phone, simply spot Misfit Ray on the nearby maps in SG BusLeh from 1 to 31 October 2016. Misfit Ray will appear at random locations.
  2. Share a screenshot of your spotting of Misfit Ray on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tell us how the Misfit Ray level up your stylo factor.
  3. Make sure your post is set to Public and tag #MISFITSG and #SGBusLeh.
  4. Every week 1 winner will be announced on @SGBusLeh Facebook Page, so be sure to LIKE and follow us!

More details and the terms and conditions can be found at the contest page here.

Good luck and hope you win the Misfit Ray. I’m loving mine for sure!

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