Top Blog: Getting to Know Rachel Wong from - Alvinology

Top Blog: Getting to Know Rachel Wong from

Is there any look Rachel Wong from can’t pull off?

Even in the most casual get-up like her PJs, the ravishing beauty and lifestyle blogger still owns the look like it’s her own. You’ll believe our words once you take a gander at her Instagram (@rchlwngxx), where over 166, 000 follow her.

As the fashion chameleon impresses many with her impeccable sense of style, we pounced on the chance to have a quick chat with her. Beyond her petite frame, Rachel shared with us some pretty major deets – and word of advice – on the key moments in her journey as a blogger-influencer.

What goes on in a regular day for you?

The first thing I do when I wake up is have a cup of juice, and then it depends: I either have meetings, beauty appointments or I’ll meet my friends to hang out and they help me shoot my pictures!

Did you see yourself blogging full-time when you first started to blog and why?

Not at all, because I didn’t even start blogging with the thought that anyone was going to read anything I posted.

But blogging gave me financial independence even while studying so I decided to continue doing it after I graduated.

Top Blog: Getting to Know Rachel Wong from - Alvinology
Photo courtesy of Rachel Wong.

In fact, what inspired you to create a blog?

I just wanted to share about my life. Whether it be about something that happened or a ‘diary’ of a regular day out with my friends, I wanted a space to share about it.

Has blogging changed over the years for you and why?

For sure, I blog much less than I used to, and I actually recently did a post on why. Progressively, it became a struggle for me to open up as I got older, but I’m trying very hard now to open up again.

Apart from that, what have been some of the most memorable or key learning moments in your journey as a blogger-influencer?

When I was younger and more naive with nobody to guide me along, I signed contracts and worked with people whose values (I learnt later) did not align with mine.

Saying no and fighting against a company I used to be with who asked me to lie about a product’s efficiency was something I was afraid to do at that time, but I’m very glad I did so.

I’ve learnt to read every fine print and ensure that I not only believe in the product, but that I work with trustworthy companies or people as well.

Top Blog: Getting to Know Rachel Wong from - Alvinology
Photo courtesy of Rachel Wong.

That aside, have you encountered any obstacles in your journey? If so, how did you overcome it?  

It’s still a challenge for me to attend events and PR with people like most bloggers seem to be so good at doing… I wouldn’t say I’ve overcome this issue though.

I don’t like small talk so I basically don’t go for events unless it’s interesting to me, if a friend helped to plan it or it’s paid.

I’d rather spend time doing things that I love or with people whose company I enjoy.

We are also totally smitten with your sense of style – it has this edgy chic kinda vibes to it. Who’s your fashion muse and why?

I love Rihanna. I think her style is amazing.

Top Blog: Getting to Know Rachel Wong from - Alvinology
Photo courtesy of Rachel Wong.

Seeing that you have a Diploma in Fashion Communications from Lasalle College of The Arts, what would you have done if you aren’t blogging full-time now and why?

I’ve always loved photography and writing so I would probably be doing something related to these two things anyway.

I’m so lucky I get to do both of them right now!

Top Blog: Getting to Know Rachel Wong from - Alvinology
Photo courtesy of Rachel Wong.

Also, we caught a few episodes of your reality series REALLY RACHEL on ReelityTV and we loved it, especially the “73 Questions” episode you did with Jian Hao. Would acting be in the cards for you, since you’ve also appeared in some of Jian Hao’s short film?

Acting is something I do enjoy but I don’t think I’d want to make a career out of it.

If I were to make videos on Youtube, I’d also only want to be myself. Then again, you never know with these things so I guess I’d say never say never!

Last but not least, what are some word of advice you would give to aspiring bloggers who want to make it their full-time profession?

I don’t feel like becoming a blogger should actually be a ‘goal’ for anyone, but if it is, then do it with 100% honesty.

Never do an ad for anything you don’t believe in or feel uncomfortable with, even if they were to throw a million dollars at you, because you owe that to anyone who supports or follows you.

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