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Is this Wendy Lim (林婉丽)’s family photo?


Other than Wendy Lim (林婉丽), 41, the lady behind the alleged extra-marital affair with People’s Action Party (PAP)’s elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Bukit Batok single member constituency (SMC), David Ong, I blacked out the faces of the other people in the photo to preserve their privacy as they are also victims of the whole saga if they are indeed Wendy Lim’s family.

I found the photo online via a deep image search using some free web tools.

To find out more about who Wendy Lim is, read this previous article. She had recently been identified by news report to be a former Singapore Airlines stewardess, adding to her whole aura as a ‘lao chio’. Read more about David Ong, his confession to an act of ‘personal indiscretion’ and sudden resignation from politics here. 

If the guy in the picture is indeed Wendy Lim’s husband, the dude looks much much younger and better-looking than the bald, fat, ‘coffeeshop uncle’ David Ong. In fact, many netizens have pointed out that Ong has an uncanny resemblance to a Chinese movie villain:


Wendy Lim has an unique taste.

If the photo is indeed Wendy Lim’s family photo, there were three kids in the photo. This would mean David Ong did not just commit adultery, but he would also be a home-wrecker, messing around with a married woman with young kids, destroying a happy family, not to mention ruining the lives of his own wife and three kids.

If this is true, it will add another reason to why I have no sympathy for David Ong at all. 

At least the other two ex-MPs before Ong who were booted out of their elected MP seats due to similar incidents of “personal indiscretion”, Yaw Shin Leong and Michael Palmer, messed around with single women. Ong is the worst of the lot if the family photo of Wendy Lim is legit.

  1. I agreed David Ong and Wendy Lim are at faults. Both hurt their love ones deeply. Times can passed, can forgive but very difficult to forget. To younger children, they heard their parents quarrelled bcos of all these, they will fear this will happen to them with their spouses. All these are their darkest nightmares. To spouse, maybe will forgive but the trust is gone and the hurts are deep. Very difficult to move on with lives. Nobody can understand the pain unless you have gone through all these hurts, that haunts you deeply.

  2. This is payback time for PAP. Now LHL is slowing sucking blood out of Roy over decades. Can you imaging that?!

    From Roy’s blog –
    I have to pay S$30,000 by this Wednesday.
    2.From April 1, I have to pay $100 every month for 5 years.
    3.After 5 years, from 2021, I have to pay $1,000 every month until I finish paying.

    I’m completely speechless. Why would LHL want to keep the issue alive for such a long period of time? Is it to remind people of his misdeed? The next generation of Singaporeans in all likelihood will not take his action kindly. Now that Roy is raising fund, I can only hope that he will not payoff the debt prematurely. Yes, DRAG IT OUT. That will be a sweet revenge in time to come.

    1. Get your facts right, lah. Roy Ngerng was offered to pay off the damages by (interest free) installments as he was unable to discharge the debt immediately.
      This case has nothing to do with Roy Ngerng, other then 2 blokes who were both called out for lying, and now have to suffer the consequences of their bad judgement.
      I pity Wendy Lim’s family, and her kids in particular. At least David Ang’s children are a lot older.

      1. Hahaha… “damages” only in Singapore land. It’s as good as the “donation” in Najib’s land. Sue me lol.

  3. these type of home wreckers are the worst…not only him but also takes 2 bodies to tango. she also cheated on her husband and her kids to be with a married man and break up their family as well as her

  4. these type of home wreckers are the worst…not only him but also takes 2 bodies to tango. she also cheated on her husband and her kids to be with a married man and break up their family as well as her so called loved ones. Only the spouses who have been cheated on will know the pain of being betrayed by those they loved.

  5. Fyi, Wendy Lim Wan Li passed away on 24 May 2018.
    See her obituary notice online and in ST obituaries.

    RiP to her.
    May she have a good rebirth.

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