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When money no enough, there’s AXA

Did you know that 60 per cent of the admissions to KK Hospital daily are a result of accidents? And that 60 per cent of these cases happen at home?

I learned about this at the AXA SmartFamily launch on September 2, where Adrian Pang hosted a fun, one-hour game show participated by theatre practitioner Beatrice Chia-Richmond and Malay comedian Suhaimi Yusof (Jojo Joget on the Noose). Put together by FLY Entertainment, it was a star-studded event well-attended by members of the media and celebrities.

Adrian Pang hosting the AXA SmartFamily Showdown.
Adrian Pang hosting the AXA SmartFamily Showdown.
Song and dance segment at the end of the show.
Song and dance segment at the end of the show.

Through a series of skits and factual Q&A, I learned that the impact of serious accidents extend much farther than just financial worry. The victim may need a therapist, a psychologist, transportation and perhaps even home modifications to accommodate his disability.

Granted,  insurance may cover a certain portion of the medical costs, but usually, it will fall upon your shoulders to take care of the disruptions to your family’s lifestyle.

This is where AXA SmartFamily differs from a regular personal accident plan. It is a personal accident plan for the family, and the first of its kind to offer a suite of eight services, on top of financial coverage, to help smoothen daily disruptions:

1. Child guardian – arranging and paying to fetch your children to and from school.

2. Home nursing – arranging and paying for a nurse to attend to your follow-up treatments or therapy at home.

3. Consultation with a therapist – making appointments and payment for your therapy or rehabilitation services.

4. Doctor’s home visits – arranging and paying for a doctor’s visit for your follow-up treatments.

5. Home modification – arranging and paying for modification to your home to accommodate your disability.

6. Transportation for medical appointments – arranging and paying for transportation (i.e. taxi service) to the hospital/clinics for follow-up treatments.

7. Housekeeping and meal services – arranging and paying for professional house-cleaning and meal services.

8. Consultation with a psychologist – making appointments and payment on your behalf for psychologist consultations.

AXA's Acting Academy enacting what it's like to require a doctor's home visit.
AXA’s Acting Academy enacting a doctor’s home visit.
Adrian Pang and his game show participants.
Adrian Pang and his game show participants.

This means that AXA is not just providing insurance, but also a full concierge service for the insured person’s aftercare. The coverage cap is very comprehensive – it’s just one overall coverage cap per plan and you can utilise the eight services in any proportion, until the total amount of cost usage reaches your sum insured. You can choose to insure your family for $250,000, $500,000 or $1 million.

What does it mean to have a personal accident insurance plan for the family? For example, in a family of two adults and N number of kids, each adult is covered at 100 per cent of sum assured and each kid is covered at 50 per cent of the sum assured. There are no limits to the number of children within a family.

The annual premiums are very attractive too:

Annual premium (adult) – $386.27 ($250,000 coverage); $501.83 ($500,000 coverage) and $732.95 ($1,000,000 coverage)
Annual premium (child) – $251.45 ($125,000 coverage), $316.35 ($250,000 coverage) and $476.15 ($500,000 coverage)

You get a 30 per cent family discount when two adults sign up, with or without kids.
From now until December 31, 2015, AXA is offering a 10 per cent early bird discount off premiums for any family, or individual purchase. For more info, please visit www.axa.com.sg

Even Jacelyn Tay approves: 

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