The solution to Amos Yee - how to make him disappear into oblivion - Alvinology

The solution to Amos Yee – how to make him disappear into oblivion

The solution to Amos Yee - how to make him disappear into oblivion - Alvinology

No, the solution is not by physical violence.

Singapore’s recalcitrant teen, Amos Yee just cannot stop drawing attention to himself. After trolling the Singapore media by making false molest accusations against his ex-bailor, Vincent Law, Amos recently hit back at Vincent’s son when the latter wrote a public note online to defend his father.

Now, he is boasting about the S$20,000+ he raised from his crowdfunding efforts within a month and how he intends to keep the money for his personal use. He also appealed for more donations to fund his online “works”.

Please do not donate to Amos Yee. If you have too much money to spare, I suggest donating it to the old lady in your neighbourhood collecting cardboards for survival or to any reputable charity organisations.

Amos Yee does not deserve any funding.

Initially, I felt sorry for him to have the draconian state laws in Singapore clamp down on him for some silly posts he made online, but as his case drags on, I am less and less sympathetic to Amos Yee as a person. I am drawing the difference between the support for free speech and the support for a horrible person.

Yes, he is young, but NOT THAT YOUNG. He is not a toddler or pre-schooler.

Yes, he deserved a second chance at first. However, he had proven to be extremely unrepentant, self-centred and ungrateful.

The way I see it, all Amos Yee wants is ATTENTION.

How do you slay a persistent little monster like Amos Yee?

The same way you deal with Internet trolls – ignore them.

Trolls exist to provoke reactions from you and get you riled up. They want your attention. The more page views you drive to Amos Yee’s blog or video views to his YouTube account, the more you contribute to making him ‘famous’ online.

Bear in mind that online fame is measured in cold, hard numbers – it is measured by the total page and video views garnered, without regard for whether the people viewing your content are there because they absolutely hate, or love you.

Ads are then served out using programmatic platforms like Google Ads to help the publisher earn money.

This is why sites like The Real Singapore can make lots of money from online ads. They deliberately provoke clicks by writing controversial and shit-stirring articles.

Amos Yee is doing the same.

Amos Yee had already trolled the whole of Singapore for more than a month since the funeral of the late founding prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew.


Here’s the solution to Amos Yee in one sentence – Ignore Amos Yee.

Unsubscribe from his YouTube channel, unlike his Facebook page, unfriend him on Facebook and stop visiting his blog. DO NOT DONATE MONEY TO AMOS YEE.

If you see anyone sharing his content, tell them to stop and DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

If everyone does this together in a concerted effort, we can kill the troll.

Let this be the last article you will ever read about Amos Yee.

By helping Amos Yee to disappear into Internet oblivion, you may be indirectly helping his long-suffering parents. When their recalcitrant son loses all the adulation and attention he craves so much, perhaps then, he will listen to his parents.


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