Who is Desmond Tan of PAP and why do soldiers endorse him? - Alvinology

Who is Desmond Tan of PAP and why do soldiers endorse him?

After Worker’s Party candidate Professory Jamus Lim made waves for his terrific answer in the recent debates, a new challenger from the People’s Action Party named Desmond Tan is getting rave reviews from Singaporean servicemen!

But who is Desmond Tan?

Desmond Tan the former Brigadier General

While he could arguably be confused with Desmond Tan the actor if you squint really hard and turn your head a bit to the side, he is currently running in the PAP lineup for the upcoming Singaporean General Elections.

After 42-year-old Ivan Lim had to leave the candidacy lineup in light of the many accusations against him in connections to his profession and his interactions with NS men, PAP quickly fielded another candidate who seemed to be the former’s foil.

Enter Desmond Tan, who may be eight years older than Lim but definitely looks eight years younger. Former soldiers have posted their experience of working with the newest candidate, and they all seem to be glowing with praise.

Who is Desmond Tan of PAP and why do soldiers endorse him? - Alvinology

Tan used to be a brigadier-general for the Singapore Armed Forces–then went on to be the chief Executive of the People’s Association. With 28 years under his belt as a soldier, the endorsements came quick, fast, and eloquent from former NS men.

Other comments on the PAP post featuring Tan’s candidacy and Lim’s exit showed that he was very popular with former soldiers, especially those who have worked under him.

What did NSmen have to say about Desmond Tan?

A former soldier named Alvin Chua related how Tan gave him a ride to a medical facility when the latter saw the former walking in the late 90’s. Chua said that Tan really cared about NSmen, and that he is “friendly, smart, capable, and a great leader.”

Chua also said that Tan remembers people and their rank very well.

Another former soldier related how he had broken some army equipment while he was on guard duty, and was required to pay $200 for the damage. Being unable to pay such a large amount at the time, the serviceman tried to talk to his officers for help, but did not receive a positive response. He decided to skip the chain of command and went directly to Desmond Tan.

While Tan listened at the time along with the other officers, the soldier initially did not receive a positive response as well. But that same day as he was walking home, Tan allegedly handed him the $150 cash without allowing the soldier to thank him

Previously stepped down from PA

In an earlier report from The Straits Times, Tan did not comment on media questions about his plan to run in the elections, and instead said that he would spend more time with his family.

When asked on June 5 by The Straits Times if he would run in the upcoming elections, he said in an e-mail, “I have some plans in mind and (these) will firm up in time. I also hope to continue to serve the community in other capacities. In the meantime, I will be spending more time with my family.”

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