Calling all pet owners (and their respective pets, of course) to join perromart on 23 May (Saturday, 2 PM) for the largest virtual event to set the record for most number of pets and their humans gathered on a video call to raise food for the animal shelters!

In light of the tough times during this COVID-19 situation, perromart wants to be able to help pet parents connect and bond with their pets and create memories as well as to lend a helping hand to the animal shelters.

For every participant (pet and human) that joins the call, perromart will be donating 1kg of dry food to the following shelters:

  • Animal Lovers League
  • Causes for Animals Singapore
  • F7-Friends of Seven
  • Hope Dog Rescue
  • SGPawsAngels
  • Mercylight

Participating sponsors include well-known brands like Taste of the Wild, Nurture Pro, Nutrience, Addiction and Heka.

Organised by e-commerce platform perromart, the Zoom call is an event not to be missed and will include a vet talk with a live Q&A, and a group photo to celebrate our bonds with our pets.

The event is aiming to help raise at least 500kg of food for the shelters, so please do spread the word!

RSVP here!