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[Giveaway] Hyflux DEW Water Dispenser D800 – the best kitchen filtration system companion

[Giveaway] Hyflux DEW Water Dispenser D800 – the best kitchen filtration system companion

UPDATED on 25 Nov 2014 – The Winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Jacqueline for her comment:

“Hi Rachel! I’d love to have a set of Hyflux Dew Water Dispenser because it not only means I won’t have to constantly be boiling water, setting it aside separately to let it cool, it will also mean that I can clear away my plastic flask, my air pot and my thermal flask – that is a lot of space saved! I’ll also never accidentally knock over my flask and spill water everywhere again. Besides, looking at the Hyflux Dew Water Dispenser, it is very slim. I can place it along the wall on my kitchen top & it wouldn’t take up space at all!”

If you have a water filtration system under your sink, why not go one step further and install a water dispenser which will give you drinking water instantaneously at your preferred temperature, at the touch of a button?

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The Hyflux DEW Water Dispenser D800 does exactly that:

Compatible with Hyflux’s water filtration system and that of other brands, the D800 can dispense water at three temperatures: Ambient, hot (90 °C) and cold (15 °C). It can also alert you when you need to change your filter cartridge – the “H” in the centre of the dial will turn red.

It consumes only 510W of electricity, which is lower than that of an electric kettle (1200W), as well as a microwave with a turntable (900W). An Eco-Mode function can help you save energy when it is idle and the automatic reheat button warms up your water in a matter of minutes.

Here are its specifications –

  • Dimensions (mm) : ​440 (W) x 270 (D) 570 (H)
  • Weight : ​4.5kg
  • Voltage/Frequency : ​220 V / 50 Hz
  • Power : 510 W
  • Water heating capability: 4 L/h (≥ 90 °C)
  • Water cooling capability: 0.4 L/h (≤ 15 °C)
  • Hot water capacity: ​0.8 L
  • Cold water capacity: ​0.4 L
 This last part means that it only takes 12 min to heat up the water to 90 °C and about 1h to chill the water to 15 °C.

The depth (27 cm) of the machine is only about the size of a large tin of milk powder, so there’s definitely space for it on your kitchen counter.

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You can purchase the DEW Water Dispenser D800 from HyfluxShop at 80 Bendemeer Road, Takashimaya, 3 OG Outlets and 13 Self-Fix DIY outlets island-wide or online via the Hyflux website.

Good news, I am giving out a set of Hyflux DEW Water Dispenser D800! To win, simply leave a comment on this blog post saying why you would like to win one. Remember to fill in your contactable email when commenting so I am able to contact you if you win (the email will not be viewable by the public). Comment must be submitted before the end of November 2014. 

About The Author

Rachel Chan

Rachel has nearly a decade of experience as a print journalist for my paper (English) and Straits Times Life! and has also worked as a news producer for Mediacorp Channel 8.


  1. Jaime Chan

    I find it a chore to having to boil water for drinking purposes. I would love to have the convenience of having water at 3 difference temperatures at the press of a button and it has been properly filtered and safe for consumption and I love to support local products!

  2. Nut

    No fancy reason here. I fell sick again today and just think that this water dispenser seems like it will contribute to better health. I also just realized I don’t even have boiled water at home because my kettle broke down and I can’t afford a new one. Thanks for reading my comment. Contact me @ [email protected]

  3. Shannon

    My parents have been talking of installing a filtration system for our water supply for the longest time, but have not got down to getting one. It is very much needed as the pipes in our place are very old and we suspect some of them may be a little rusted. Besides that, we now contain our water in a huge glass water dispenser that has no other function except to contain water. The cover for this dispenser has also been removed as it rusted inside. The water dispenser is also energy saving and in bid to play our part for the environment, most of our household appliances are energy saving as well. Having this water dispenser would be awesome!

  4. Fen Chia

    My entire family is drinking all the time, we’re guzzlers and it’s tiring to keep having to boil and reboil water to fill up the vaccum flask. The current filtration system we have doesn’t work v well and requires us to press the button at least twice. I’d like this dispenser – and most importantly it’s because I support local innovations!!!

  5. Richard

    Both my toddler and baby have serious eczema. I believe a good intake of drinking water is vital to prevent illness and eczema from getting worst. This water filtration system is just what I need now.

  6. Carine

    My entire family including my toddler is drinking boiled filtration water. It will be great and wonderful if we have a Hyflux Dew Water Dispenser in our small kitchen as it will save us the hassle of boiling water even if we only require only a small amount at times. It will definitely bring a great deal of convenience for us. Contactable at [email protected].

  7. elsie thng

    i need it for my gals who are both always falling sick, coughing their lungs out.

  8. theresa

    Would love to win this as i like the idea of having clean water for consumption especially for my toddler and baby.

    It will save time from having to boil water for making hot drinks especially my children’s milk :))

    Plus i can get cold water too from the same system.

    The size would be good for my also small and crampy kitchen! Hope that i can win this for my upcoming birthday!

  9. bennie

    With the move for smaller flat and need for healthier intake of food source, this filter will allow my family to have cleanest water of the highest standard at the smallest space.

    It would also help that it has a fast noiling point ; good for those quick fix of oat, cereal and baby milk!

  10. Christine Koh

    I have been thinking of getting a on tap water filter for the longest time ever.This Hyflux Dew Water filtration came at the right time, hope to get this before I start sourcing for a new water filter. This will definitely help our family save time in boiling water and we can just dispense water quickly in ambient, hot and cold temperature. To cleaner water and cheers to healthy life.

  11. Jeremy

    I usually fill up my daily water bottle straight from the tap. Boiling and cooling 1.5 litres takes too long as my electric kettle can only do 500ml at a time.

    We got a small kettle because the kitchen top has limited space. Having a water filter which is compact and able to dispense water at 3 different temperatures is definitely something which would help greatly.

  12. Gabriel ong

    Family well-being is top piority

  13. Geraldine Wee

    Our body mostly comprises of water but the water available to us at our estate is rusty, dirty and frightful. At the rate our family (of 3 kids and 2 adults subsisting on one man’s humble income) consumes such water, we might end up becoming Slimer- all gunky inside. Before I have to call the ghostbusters to exorcise us of water pipe slime, please bless us with this awesome device. We will use this with DEW diligence, drink from it’s fount of purity, plus hearts to our life rating, and spread word of its magnificence to all around us.

  14. Adelyn

    I want only the best for my baby girl. 🙂

  15. Aldran Wong

    We just renovated and moved into our new home in July and this will be a nice gift to have during this period of a tighter household budget. BUT more importantly, this will be a great gift for my aged parents. They currently have a passive Novita water purifier now and I’m not sure if it’s as effective as this Hyflux filter. I’m not knowledgeable in this area but I’m sure this will bring about a greater convenience into their lives. Thanks.

  16. Grace Tan

    I need one ‘cos I’m too lazy to boil water. LOL

  17. Julian Lim

    Because lim jwee ho. lim jwee siang ho lim ka to…

    But seriously, now that I’m doing 7 day/week triathlon training for a 1/2 Ironman race next year, I’m going through bottle after bottle of water and my fridge pretty much can’t keep up. Plus the fact that I’ve got an irritable bowel, the purifying function would help make sure I’m only downing clean H20. Less ..erm… interruptions to training…

    This would be a sweet supplement to the training arsenal. 😉

  18. Daniel

    With a depth of only 27cm, there’s more than enough space for the Hyflux DEW Water Dispenser D800 in my new BTO small kitchen. Having cold water readily available at the touch of a button also provides a welcome relief from the hot weather that we have in Singapore. I can also enjoy good quality filtered water instead of the murky brown water from the tap and relying of a tap sock.

  19. Xgg Chan

    This will be cool and fun to have at home! Potable water anytime, at the touch of a button! And I’ll not have to nag my kids to drink more water!

  20. Jacqualine

    Hi Rachel! I’d love to have a set of Hyflux Dew Water Dispenser because it not only means I won’t have to constantly be boiling water, setting it aside separately to let it cool, it will also mean that I can clear away my plastic flask, my air pot and my thermal flask – that is a lot of space saved! I’ll also never accidentally knock over my flask and spill water everywhere again.

    Besides, looking at the Hyflux Dew Water Dispenser, it is very slim. I can place it along the wall on my kitchen top & it wouldn’t take up space at all!

  21. 3hairedsamson

    I’d love to have a set of Hyflux Dew Water Dispenser because it sounds exotic and because i’m worth it. *flips hair*

  22. jenny tan

    Every day, I have to boil the kettle of water, transfer it to a thermos and before that, pour the lukewarm water in the thermos flask into the room temperature drinking jar. It’s a caveman practice i need to break away from (so i can save time and money and enjoy my breakfast time). so hello, hyflux dew water dispenser!

  23. Jack Lin

    Cause my mum and dad wants to buy a water filtration device. But they kept insisting that one from a dubious MLM company is better. We quarrel abit cause I convince them that the purchase is not good.

    Furthermore I live in a old house, and the water system isn’t really good. There are rust sometimes and its impossible to redo the piping unless massive hacking is being done. (can sponsor me?)

    I look at this hyflux and is shocked at the low price, MLM sells like 10 time more.

  24. James Pan

    I think it good to have one if I win but never the less it just a lucky winning gift away contest. no particular good reason for posting to win. Thanks Alvinology for the contest.

  25. Jonathan Ng

    Am already a firm believer of drinking filtered water with my current Hyflux Gurgle tap “add-on” setup.

    Been looking around for an upgrade as I would have to buy my replacement filter cartridge soon. This will come in an opportune time to continue my satisfying Hyflux adventure, especially when I will be introducing filtered water to my two very young girls, with one that just turned two.

    Most importantly, my family deserves the best.. from Hyflux. Nothing less.

  26. Tan Pheng Soon

    I got con by a water filter system company. Paid $3888 and they are suppose to come change the internal filters annually but not contactable when it is due. So I need to have some one who is reliable. I am considering the lower end version but it would be good for me to have this. Thank you.

  27. jazry

    I am a busy working mother with young kids at home. This would really save me the time in boiling water all the time, as our family drinks more than 5L of water a day.
    I have several jugs of water and boiling, cooling, transferring is really a hassle!
    Hope to win this in order to spend more time with my family…

  28. shawn toh

    Always need to fetch a cup of water for family members as I’m the youngest in the household, things get worse when they want warm water as I would need to wait for the water to boil. Please help, lol.

  29. Keith Tan

    Every day we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water hence it is so important to keep us hydrate and help us flushes out toxins and wastes. My children has sensitive skin and nose, they always seeing doctor till I’m scare. I hope to have a Hyflux DEW Water Dispenser D800 to build my family immunity system so that they are strong to fight with diseases.

  30. Joseph Lim

    Hi how do we activate or deactivate the sound when pressing the button


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