UPDATED on 25 Nov 2014 – The Winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Jacqueline for her comment:

“Hi Rachel! I’d love to have a set of Hyflux Dew Water Dispenser because it not only means I won’t have to constantly be boiling water, setting it aside separately to let it cool, it will also mean that I can clear away my plastic flask, my air pot and my thermal flask – that is a lot of space saved! I’ll also never accidentally knock over my flask and spill water everywhere again. Besides, looking at the Hyflux Dew Water Dispenser, it is very slim. I can place it along the wall on my kitchen top & it wouldn’t take up space at all!”

If you have a water filtration system under your sink, why not go one step further and install a water dispenser which will give you drinking water instantaneously at your preferred temperature, at the touch of a button?

The Hyflux DEW Water Dispenser D800 does exactly that:

Compatible with Hyflux’s water filtration system and that of other brands, the D800 can dispense water at three temperatures: Ambient, hot (90 °C) and cold (15 °C). It can also alert you when you need to change your filter cartridge – the “H” in the centre of the dial will turn red.

It consumes only 510W of electricity, which is lower than that of an electric kettle (1200W), as well as a microwave with a turntable (900W). An Eco-Mode function can help you save energy when it is idle and the automatic reheat button warms up your water in a matter of minutes.

Here are its specifications –

  • Dimensions (mm) : ​440 (W) x 270 (D) 570 (H)
  • Weight : ​4.5kg
  • Voltage/Frequency : ​220 V / 50 Hz
  • Power : 510 W
  • Water heating capability: 4 L/h (≥ 90 °C)
  • Water cooling capability: 0.4 L/h (≤ 15 °C)
  • Hot water capacity: ​0.8 L
  • Cold water capacity: ​0.4 L
 This last part means that it only takes 12 min to heat up the water to 90 °C and about 1h to chill the water to 15 °C.

The depth (27 cm) of the machine is only about the size of a large tin of milk powder, so there’s definitely space for it on your kitchen counter.

You can purchase the DEW Water Dispenser D800 from HyfluxShop at 80 Bendemeer Road, Takashimaya, 3 OG Outlets and 13 Self-Fix DIY outlets island-wide or online via the Hyflux website.

Good news, I am giving out a set of Hyflux DEW Water Dispenser D800! To win, simply leave a comment on this blog post saying why you would like to win one. Remember to fill in your contactable email when commenting so I am able to contact you if you win (the email will not be viewable by the public). Comment must be submitted before the end of November 2014.