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Forever Young?


Ladies, do you know that a part of you can be kept forever young? That part is your eggs and your ability to produce healthy babies.

By the new breakthrough in cryo-technology, your eggs can be vitrified and stored in liquid nitrogen below -196⁰C forever. This maintains your ability to remain fertile even when you become menopausal. 

 The younger you store your eggs, the higher would be their fertility. Generally the fertilizing ability of a woman’s eggs would have already begun to deteriorate at the age of 35. After 40, egg aging would speed up and after 43 the potential for producing healthy babies would be very low.

If you want to keep your fertility options open and not be constrained by time and social factors, you may like to explore egg storage.

It is now becoming fashionable for fashionable women to store their eggs. One of the most famous women in this category is none other than Kim Kardashian.  If you are a fashionable woman who values her fertility potential and refuse to be constrained by time, you may like to join the likes of Kim in storing your eggs now before the window of opportunity is passed.

Forever Young? - Alvinology

What options open up with egg storage?

You can continue full-steam in developing your career and postpone childbearing to a time when you have achieved your ambitions.

You do not have to settle for a less than desirable man to be your husband just because age is catching up. You have the assurance of continued fertility and remain confident of your self-worth as you conduct yourself in dating situations and when meeting your potential mother-in-law.

You can choose not to be saddled with a man and wash his dirty socks and yet have a baby of your own to take care of you in your old age if you also use sperms from a reputable sperm bank.

You can choose the father of your child to be of any desired physical and intellectual attribute if you use a reputable sperm bank.

You can also choose not to get out of shape with a pregnancy by having the fertilized egg implanted in a surrogate woman.

Egg storage would liberate you from the march of time and give you the freedom that men enjoy in reaching your full potential.

If you are already over the age of 35, don’t worry. There is now a youth hormone called Human Growth Hormone which can make some women’s eggs ‘younger’.   Better still, if you want to postpone egg collection you can start receiving this youth hormone now to slow down the egg aging process. 

Sarah Elizabeth Richards shares her experience on social egg storage in her book.

You can also see the experience of others in the blogs on their egg freezing experience.

The main risk of egg storage is the necessity of producing multiple eggs. This may cause ovarian hyper-stimulation. 

Egg storage is relatively safe nowadays because this complication can be considerably minimized.

The cost of egg freezing in the USA is about USD10,000 per attempt. This is about SGD8,000 in Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok.

Sociall egg storage is not permitted in Singapore. The nearest locations are Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

If you want to know the best centres for egg storage, you may like to email Dr. Charles M P Lim at[email protected]  He is passionate in promoting fertility preservation.

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