To celebrate National Day, Giordano Singapore launched matching Singapore themed polos for adults and kids so family can get dressed in matching outfits. This was promoted via a Facebook post on Giordano’s Facebook page which has over 2.7 million fans.

The post featured a very badly photoshopped ad featuring a caucasian couple with one caucasian kid and another asian kid. We don’t understand the rationale for the random asian girl either – maybe it’s for racial representation.

Here’s the ad for you to scrutinise all the photoshop errors:

How many errors can you spot? We spotted four:


The edges of the models are not cropped cleanly, leaving residue pixels from the original image which the models were extracted from. You can see some obvious white glow on the adult male’s hair.


The area between the legs of the two adults are whitewashed and do not match the darker white in the rest of the background.


The “SINGAPORE” text on the polo tees are too flat and has no gradient.


The adult female’s left hand is cut off. Is she an amputee?

Criticism came in fast and furious on their Facebook page, with fans criticising the race of the models used as well as the bad photoshopped job.

The Facebook administrator for Giordano is pretty cool though, taking the criticism in stride and promising to do better next time.