Read about this incident from my friends, Daniel and Irene‘s blogs.

I would not have known about Dîner en Blanc happening in Singapore if not for their blog posts and social media.

Since the organisers decided to diss local bloggers and local food, I am throwing in my support to Daniel and Irene.

Singapore’s blogfather, Mr Brown had already “farted” his support.  I am sure more bloggers and Singaporeans will join in.

Boycott Dîner en Blanc in Singapore on 30 August 2012. 

Boycott Dîner en Blanc in SIngapore

Boycott Dîner en Blanc in SIngapore

Dîner en Blanc is a picnic event imported from Paris that is held in outdoor public spaces worldwide. The location is kept secret till the actual day. There are strict rules to follow to maintain classiness – attire must be all-white (reminds me of a certain political party commonly associated with being elitist and hao lian); table décor must be white; tables and chairs must be brought on your own and of a certain size; beer and hard alcohol are not allowed; no plastic cutlery and paper plates; food brought must be “quality” food; and men are to sit on one side and women on the other (source via Daniel’s blog).

Okay lah, it’s their event, they are free to dictate the rules.

Moreover, it is following the event’s tradition and spirit that is observed worldwide in different countries.

My grouse?

Well, apparently the organisers and their PR folks invited a bunch of local bloggers, including Daniel and Irene to the event and asked them to blog about it. Daniel wrote a post making some suggestions on local food that may be suitable for the event, including tau huay (soybean pudding). This offended the organisers so badly that they demand him to remove his blog post. When he failed to do so, they unceremoniously uninvited all the bloggers except for Irene (maybe cos she is from New York and is deemed more atas to them). Nonetheless, Irene being Irene, stands with us sinkies.

How’s that for snubbing Singaporeans and Singapore food?

If local food is not welcome, communicate it from the start.

If the event is meant for expats only, communicate it from the start too.

We sinkies know our place. We will just shun the event.

Now, we not shun, we boycott.