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Support Makan Day or Diner en Noir – Counter Events to the Snotty Diner en Blanc Singapore

This Thursday (30 August) is the scheduled date for the snotty Diner en Blanc (“the white dinner”) event whereby the Singapore organisers dissed local food and snubbed local bloggers.

In the spirit of fun and openness, two groups of bloggers have scheduled two counter events – Makan Day (#MakanDay) on 30 August to clash head-on with Diner en Blanc, spear-headed by Singapore’s blogfather Mr Brown and friends; as well as Diner en Noir (“the black dinner”) on 1 September spear-headed by food bloggers, MoonberryJacob and friends.

30th August is Makan Day! (via
30th August is Makan Day! (via

More information on the two events are available via their respective Facebook pages. Support Singapore food and Singapore culture. Say no to snobbery and boycott Diner en Blanc!

About Makan Day:

I propose that Thursday, 30th of August be Makan Day! (hashtag: #MakanDay)

Our viral picnic no need invite one! Come one come all! Non-exclusive!!! French also welcome!

Bring and share food of ANY colour because our tastes are diverse. Fast food also can, slow food also can. Tau Huay also can!

Tell us your food’s story or reason you brought it.

On that day, wear off-white (beige or khaki).

More details will follow in the days to come.

Let’s celebrate and share our food culture!

About Diner en Noir:

This is a tongue-in-cheek event INSPIRED by Diner en Blanc. Come let’s all have a public picnic set up in a very satirical manner to mimic Diner en Blanc, but without the pretentiousness.

No rules, but here are some suggestions to up the fun factor:

1. Wanna wear black? (Any black item will do, t-shirt, tanktop, sunglasses). Casual can, elegant can, up to you and your fancy.

2. Bring your own food (black-colored and/or local hawker food encouraged, seeing how Blanc organizers put down these food as “low class”). Again, fancy presentation, take-out container presentation, can… up to you. Bring and eat what you like, doesn’t even have to be black forchristssake. This is all in good fun.

3. Bring your own drink (Blanc doesn’t allow beer or alcohol, only wine and champagne. Well, sounds like a good reason for me to be drinking beer at this picnic then!)

We will all just sit on the grass, no need fancy tables of exact dimensions or whatever fuck. Too mah fan! (Perhaps that’s why wearing black is the way to go, get dirty who cares!?).


This is *not* a retaliation against anything French or the Diner en Blanc event. The objective and purpose of this Noir picnic is to let our hair down and have a fun picnic. Let’s not discriminate against food (local or otherwise). Let’s enjoy ourselves in good taste without hassle and stuffy rules.

Social media is not to be undermined and so if you agree, please express either by participating and/or sharing and inviting your friends to join this fun picnic too. 🙂




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