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Pastor Kong Hee from City Harvest Church quoting from the Bible and sharing ten reasons why he thinks Jesus was very rich:


Clearly, prosperity theology. Via wikipedia:

“Prosperity theology (sometimes referred to as the prosperity gospel or the health and wealth gospel) is a Christian religious doctrine which claims the Bible teaches that financial blessing is the will of God for Christians. The doctrine teaches that faith, positive speech, and donations to Christian ministries will always increase one’s material wealth.”

The more you donate, the wealthier you will become. The more  you donate, Pastor Kong Hee’s wife, Sun Ho, can make more secular music videos like these two below via the “Crossover Project”:

I found an article published by City Harvest Church’s City News summing up the success of the controversial Crossover Project over the past ten years. Here are some interesting highlights and claims:

– God was said to speak directly with Kong Hee four times to “cross over” to the secular world and promote Christianity via his wife, Sun Ho.

– Taiwan’s Christian population has more than doubled, from a mere three percent to 10 percent in 10 years, thanks to the Crossover Project.

– The Crossover Project helped converted “Teddy”, a notorious leader of a gang and owner of one of the largest nightclubs in Hong Kong.

–  In Kuala Lumpur, Sun Ho’s secular concerts in 2003 sparked a revival in City Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur (CHCKL). Today, CHCKL is one of the fastest-growing and most vibrant churches in Malaysia.

– In Indonesia, people “broke down the doors and pushed their way into Sun Ho’s concerts”.

– In Singapore, Sun Ho performed 14 times over one weekend at the church’s premises at Jurong West. Over two days, 30,700 people came, and 10,140 salvation decisions were recorded.

– Twenty-five months after the Crossover Project was launched, Sun had performed more than 100 concerts to about half a million people, and out of that, almost 140,000 gave their hearts to Christ.

Based on the numbers from the article, it costs the church S$23 million to reach half a million people and  convert 140,000 of them. That works out to S$46 to reach out to one person and around S$164 to convert one person via the Crossover Project.

If each of the 140,000 newly converted makes a monthly income of S$3,070 (based on Singapore’s median monthly income in 2011) and donates 10 percent to the church each…

This gives an additional S$43 million in church revenue each month! You can get back the paltry S$23 million invested over three years in just A SINGLE MONTH!

Even if I based my calculations on the 33,000 church members that City Harvest Church currently has in Singapore, that works out to over S$10 million a month (33,000 x S$307) in donations. The amount spent on the Crossover Project is just two and a half months of pocket change to the mega church. Spread over a period of three years, it is probably a drop in the ocean.

I am afraid I am the one who DO NOT HAVE A SENSE OF PROPORTION.


Impressive marketing!

If only there was an accreditation firm like TNS or Nielsen to back-up the numbers, that will give a resounding confirmation on the high ROI for every cent donated and spent.